Monday, October 21, 2013

Goodbye baby teeth

This guy lost his first tooth...
and then he lost another tooth! 
 Oh my goodness, another part of my "baby" is gone.
He lost the first tooth just before we started school.
It had been loose for some time and his adult tooth had actually started to grow in (very crookedly) behind the baby one.  OY!  We referred to them as his "shark teeth" being that he had two rows haha.
We were at Grammy and Papa's one day goofing around on the beds upstairs.  Madelyn fell off and when Collin leaned over to laugh his tooth got snagged on a pillow and pop, out it came! 
He was thrilled and couldn't wait to show everyone! 
The tooth fairy was very generous and left $10 since the first one is rather special.
Apparently teeth are worth a lot more these days then they were in days gone by.  :)
Thankfully once that baby tooth was gone the adult tooth had room to move forward and it really straightened out.  Whew!
The second tooth fell out not long after while our guy was eating lunch at school.
He literally lost it.
As in, we are pretty sure he swallowed it.
Our principal was SO sweet and took the time to write a handwritten card to the tooth fairy explaining what happened. 
While on the subject of teeth....
both kids had excellent reports at the dentist and have stayed cavity free!!

Collin was nervous and overall very serious.  Reminded me of myself at the dentist. 
Seriously, put another cotton ball in my mouth and ask me another question...

The dentist could tell he was feeling less than thrilled to be there and did an awesome job of calming his nerves and making him feel comfortable in the dreaded dental chair.

 And as for Miss Madelyn, well, she was just Madelyn.
Happy to be there and making friends with everyone!
Here's to hoping we stay cavity free for the next 6 months!