Sunday, May 27, 2012

The weekend

Here is a peak at our weekend via the iphone...

First stop, Nana's boat!

Sunday favorites...

Collin making silly pictures with mommy's phone.

Next stop, Memorial Day!

Friday, May 25, 2012


Our week through the eyes of an iphone.
Thank you instagram!

Sweet beauty...
 Never too old...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Houston we have a problem

It's nap time and this little love has a problem.
"Mommy I can't go to sleep, I just can't."

"Yes you can Madelyn, close your eyes and rest."

"No mommy I really can't do it."

"Why Madelyn?"

"ummmmmm because, ummmmm only one eye will close SEE?!"

 A mere 5 minutes later, problem solved.
Sweet dreams littlest love.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Preschool Graduation

We have a preschool graduate!!!
And a handsome one at that...

Yesterday our handsome treasure graduated from preschool.
Hard to believe he is old enough to wear any sort of graduation cap and yet there he stands, handsome as can be...

As we waited for the graduates to arrive in the chapel I glanced down at the program in my hand.
My eyes landed on the words "pomp and circumstance" and immediately filled with tears.
There's something about the pomp and circumstance don't you agree?

And imagine how I felt when the music began to play and my boy lead the line down the aisle.  His eyes met mine, he waved the sweetest wave and said "hi mom".  I cry even now at the memory of that moment...

 The stage was set, full of mini grads...
 One by one names were called...

 And they saved the very BEST for last...
 As Ms. Pam called each child to the podium she said a few words about each individually.  
 Collin's favorite book is "Cliffords First Valentine"
His favorite thing to play with at preschool is "the school bus"
And she finished with this question...
Collin, what do you want to be when you grow up?
His answer...
"A dad, like my dad"
Be still my heart.  
I cried the ugly cry.
Most other children chose the typical like baseball player, hockey player, doctor, vet, yada, yada.

But of all there is to chose to be in this world, Collin chooses to be a dad, just like his own.
What a testament to the love he holds in his heart for his daddy.
What a gift he gave to Ryan yesterday.
Our precious boy, how we love you...

 We are all so very proud...

Collin with two of his besties Luke and Tommy

Yesterday it was preschool graduation and if we blink too fast tomorrow it will be high school.  But until then we are going to soak up this little boy who we love so much.  We are going to memorize all of who he is and we will love him with all of who we are!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oh Calgon

Calgon was taking me away...

but it didn't go far enough...
can't blame a momma for tryin!

Calgon may not have taken me to far away places but my sweet, selfless husband did as much when he took care of my chores today.  Bless his sweet, manly heart!  When I came home I was elated to realize that not only did he clean the kitchen floors and vacuum the carpets but have mercy the man folded all the laundry, put it away AND organized the kid's drawers and bedrooms.  He knows he was being helpful, but he honestly has no idea how much love he showered me with by taking on those somewhat daunting tasks.
Literally blessed my socks off that man of mine!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's come to an end...

Collin's preschool year has come to an end.
I can hardly believe it.
It seems like only yesterday that I was pulling up curbside for the very first time, waving goodbye to my first born treasure as he was welcomed into loving arms, I then pulled away with tears spilling out of my eyes.

Today I pulled up to the same curb, waved goodbye as he was welcomed into the same loving arms, and again I pulled away with tears spilling down my checks.

My heart has this very special place for Ms. Pam and Ms. Kathy.  What an incredible job they did this year.  Working tirelessly to lay the very foundation that other teachers will build upon for the rest of Collin's academic life.  They were first.  There is something special about being first.  I'm sure there will be many special teachers who will follow.  But there's something special about being first. 

One thing that was always so obvious was the genuine love that they have for our Collin.  They made it possible for this overprotective momma to pull away, knowing that my boy would be cared for by loving hearts.  

They taught him how to be a student.  
They taught him how to be a friend.
Most importantly, they taught him about Jesus.
My heart is so thankful.

I think back to that first day back in September.
I remember how my stomach fluttered as we drove to school.
I remember how my heart ached as I pulled away from the curb.
I spent so many of the days leading up to this day anxiously anticipating what it would be like.  Wondering if it would all turn out ok.  Questioning how I would ever let go, even if it was only for a little while.
And yet it all turned out ok.
Even better than ok.
It all turned out beautifully.
Thank you Jesus for hearing the prayers of this anxious momma's heart.

I can hardly think about kindergarten.
A full day of school.
A new group of friends.
A new start.
I already anticipate it.
I get anxious.
My stomach flutters.
How will I let him go again, this time for a little while longer.

I know in my heart it will be ok.
Even better than ok.
It will turn out beautifully.
How do I know you ask?
Because I pray to a God who hears this momma's prayers.
Thank you Jesus for hearing the prayers of this anxious momma's heart.

Here is my baby on his first day of preschool...

Here are my two beauties on the bench outside of the school on day one...

And here they are on the same bench today...

We are so very proud of you Collin.
You are growing so fast.
Changing right before my very eyes.
It makes me long for a way to slow the hands of time.
Yet my heart rejoices for you.
For all that is to come.
You have a lifetime ahead of you son.
And your momma is sure to watch you SHINE!

Oh how I love you sweet boy.
I will never tire of telling you just how much.
The world is yours little one.
I'll follow as you find it...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Never too old... need your mom!!
I say this often.
One never outgrows needing their mom!
I swear sometimes I need my mom even more now than I did when I was young!

There is just something about a mom. 
Something that no one else in this world can replicate.
She just always seems to "know", and she gets it.

Mom still comforts me every bit as much as she did when I was young.
When I'm sick, I still call my mom, and I usually cry.  
When my own kids are sick, I call my mom, and I usually cry.  
But I'm always comforted by the fact that she knows.

She really has become my very best girlfriend.
Always there no matter what.
Ready to help in any way she can.
Loving me like a mom does.
I'm sure there were times, years ago, when I was sassing her pants off that she wondered if we would ever be friends.  :)
I'm sure she will remind me of those days gone by when my Madelyn is sassing my pants off.  :)

People often tell me that I remind them of her.
Such a compliment.

I'm proud that she is mine and I am hers.

Mom loves me in spite of myself.
She knows my "ugly" and yet still thinks I'm lovely.
We can laugh together, cry together, and just enjoy life together.

Mom you are treasured.
Deeply loved.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

I'm blessed with the gift of my own mother but also that of my mother in law.  She is the greatest mother in love that a girl could ever dream of having.  One of the most loving, generous, self sacrificing gals that you could ever have the pleasure of knowing.

She has always been on my side.

She is always willing to help in any way possible and would give us the world on a silver platter if she could.
I told you she's generous.  :)

I hear others talk of their mother in laws as if they are disposable.
A "taken em or leave em" type relationship.
Not mine.
I truly adore her.
There is this very special place carved out in my heart and in my life especially for her.

Jeanette I do hope you know how very loved you are not just by your son and your grandchildren but also by me.

You are treasured.
Deeply loved.

Happy Mother's Day Jeanette!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Today was such a sweet day with my Collin bug.
I celebrated Mother's Day with him and his class.  
Precious children I tell you.

Here are a few of them.
Sweet, sweet Collin (back left) how I love your camera face.  
These sweet peas sang the cutest songs for all the momma's.
One was called "Butterfly".
Ms. Pam turned our attention to the class butterfly garden.
6 beautiful butterflies fluttered about a netted cage of sorts.
Pam went on to explain that every year the entire school grows butterflies.  Each class was given 6 caterpillars and they watched as they went through the cycle of life.

Of course the children long awaited the day that their butterflies would finally hatch.  All of the other classrooms had nets full of 6 butterflies.  Not one of hers had hatched.  The cocoons were extremely dry and she had pretty much decided that she would have to "borrow" a few.

But before resorting to drastic measure she had the children pray.
They asked God to allow their butterflies to grow.
Asked that He would breathe life into them.

The next day there were 2 fluttering about.
And 2 more were added for the next two days!

Pam actually shed tears while sharing the story, and so did the momma's.  Such a simple story of how God answers prayers, even those as simple as a child's.  They asked, they believed, He answered.

Beautiful don't you think...

Sweetest boy ever with his very proud momma!

We were given a potted flower and this precious card.
 On the inside it reads...

A piece of me I give to you.
I painted this flower to say "I love you".

The heart is you, the hand is me.
To show we are friends, the best there can be.

I hope you will save it and look back someday
at the flower we shared on your special day.

-Kathleen Lademan

And then the question and answer.
We were told there was absolutely no prompting.
All answers are organic...

My mom is special because...
she loves me.

I like it when my mom...
works on the computer.

My mom can do many things!  I think she is best at...
driving a car.  Sometimes she speeds.
(oh yes he did haha)

My mom has a pretty smile!  I like to make her smile by...
doing what she tells me to do.

My mom is smart!  She even knows...
how old our house is.

My mom is prettiest when...
she wears earrings.

Oh my sweet Collin.  You will never know how much I enjoyed our time together today.  The songs you sang, the snacks we shared, the laughs we laughed...
but most of all sweet boy it was the precious smile you wore on your face.  The hugs that you generously gave.  The way you proudly held my hand everywhere we went.  All symbols of the love that you hold in your heart for me.  A love more valued than anything this world has to offer.
I could not be more proud to be your momma.  
You are such a gift son, my handsome treasure.  
If I could choose to be anything in this world, anything at all, I would choose to be your mom... 

I love you son,
to the moon and back!!