Saturday, March 31, 2012


Our little loves stayed at Grammy and Papa's last night.
I went to a friend's house to hang with some of my gals.
It was the first time in 5 years (since Collin was born) that I didn't have to worry about getting home at a reasonable hour in order to get up early with the little people who live here.  :)

I came in late and chatted with Ry for a bit before losing the battle with my heavy eyelids.  Sweet slumber...

I woke up at 9 to find Ryan was already up and at em.
What in this world?
The man loves to sleep and here he has his chance and he is up already?
My sweet husband spent his entire childless morning cleaning our house...
as in organizing bedrooms, vacuuming every room and putting away all randomness that may have been laying around.

That is love people.

I made a grocery list and took off to run a few leisurely errands.
So nice to just to roam the aisles aimlessly with no real time limitations.

I spent a good amount of that time thinking about my sweet love bugs.  I absolutely enjoyed my quiet time but I sure did miss those little rascals!!  

I feel rested, refreshed, and reset.

Thanks Grammy and Papa for loving on our littles.
Thank you Ryan for taking care of my household chores.
I adore you all.

You are all speakin' my love language today!  :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hear it here

A glimpse of the kind of conversations I have on a daily basis...

"Hey mommy do you ever pee pee a little in your undies"
"No Collin, I don't pee pee in my undies, but thanks for asking."

He was very serious.

"Hey mommy what are you doing?"
"Going to the bathroom Madelyn, I will be out in a minute."
"Why is the door locked."
"Uh because I am going to the bathroom, I will be right out."

Insert rattling of the doorknob here.

"Well mommy who is going to wipe you?"
"I will wipe myself."

She gasps loudly
"Oh NO mommy, you can't wipe yourself."
"Oh really well then who will wipe me?"
"Daddy is at work."
"Well you wait there until he gets home and then he will come and wipe your big butt."

My turn to gasp.

"Madelyn why do you say I have a big butt?"

She laughs and walks away.

Finally, me and my big butt can enjoy some peace.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A first

I have attended hundreds of parent teacher conferences.
I've sat across the table and talked progress time and again.
Yesterday was the very first time that I was sitting on the other side of table.
The side where the parents sit.

Ryan and I met with Collin's teacher yesterday for our very first parent teacher conference!  I have awaited this day since I first saw it on the calendar way back in September!  

She had wonderful things to say about our boy.
She started the meeting by explaining that this would be a "love fest" of sorts as she was just going to shower us with all that she loved about Collin.

She explained that he is "more than ready" for kindergarten.  His report card proved that statement true as he had perfect scores.  Not one area that needed improvement.  Makes me proud.

We giggled as she reminisced about how she did everything but stand on her head to get him out of his shell.  I had promised her that he would come out of it and sure enough, he did.

She says he is quite a story teller, an elaborate story teller.
We already knew this about him but we couldn't help but laugh as she told the story of how "he asked prayer for his daddys arm that got cut off."  She says that as he went on and on she was steps ahead of him in her mind, already planning a call to the pastor to get this poor crippled daddy on the prayer chain.  And then, our boy came to the end of the story, and finally told how daddy's arm was severed...
"it happened when I hit him with my star wars light saber"

I mean for real people, she was ready to call the pastor.

She says he has quite a sense of humor and likes to even give her a hard time now and again (in a good way of course).  He gets that from his dad, oh just like his daddy!!  :)

She commented on how Collin is certainly "all boy" and is even sometimes allured by the more wild ones.
Sweet mercy, I'm sweating.
But we were relieved when she quickly went on to explain that this is where his "cautious side" kicks back in and he makes the right decisions to follow the rules.

We imagined the conference would go well and we were right in our assumption.  We left with a folder full of all that he knows and hearts that were spilling over with pride for our first born.
May all of his future conferences go this well.
Please Lord, may they always go this well...

We love you handsome treasure.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Birthday Week Finale

We closed out birthday week with a bang!
The kids had a party with their little friends at a local gymnastics gym.  They were all giggling and sweating which led me to believe that they had a fantab time together!  I love to watch my littles enjoy their friends.  

Grammy was the photog so I could visit with the party guest.
Thanks Gram!!

 Luke and Collin
 Running down the trampoline ramp
 The bunny hop
Go for it Mads!!

 A dash for the foam pit...
 Run beauty, run!
 Kylee and Collin
 Lucas and Collin



Kylee says she is "going to marry Collin".  She tells him she loves him every day when we leave school.  She proudly proclaimed her love for him at the table during the party, even waiting for a calm and quiet moment so all would hear.  
Well don't you worry sweet beauty, we will work on his camera face so your wedding day shots don't turn out like this...

 Happy boy...
Happy girl...

Happy birthday~

Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy birthday handsome treasure

Our sweet Collin Ryan today you are 5.
How in the world did this happen.

Seems as though I was just driving home with you for the very first time and before long I will be driving you off to kindergarten.

Five years ago I became a momma.
You, my son, changed my life forever.
If I could choose to be anything in this world,
I would be your mom.

 What a gift.
A true treasure, in every sense of the word.
I will spend my life loving you.
 You are growing so fast.
Mature beyond your years.
You make me so proud.
 You are silly and love to give your sister a hard time.
You truly adore her but you definitely take the role of oldest seriously.  :)
I know you will be best of friends.
I love that you still reach for my hand when we are together.
Please know, that no matter your age, I will always be reaching back...always.
My heart just overflows for you dear child.

Happy birthday handsome.
We sure do love you...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

All in the mini

Ahh the mini van.  
The one I swore up, down, left and right that I would never get.
Well today it seemed more than just a mini...

Madelyn and I took Collin to get his hair cut this afternoon.
We are headed home, with a super handsome fellow in the back, and I hear Mads pipe up "I have to go potty".
Aw great.
Ok Madelyn we will be home soon.
As in 15 minutes or so.
"But I have to go REAL bad, hurry mommy hurry, driver faster mommy."
I mean for real.
Collin tells her "to just go ahead and pee your pants"

Oh Madelyn do NOT pee your pants.
We will detour to grammy and papa's house.

Madelyn is instructing that I drive faster and she is making loud engine noises from the rear of our vehicle.  

I got the mini movin.
Collin joined my team and coached her from beside.
"Squeeze your legs Mads"

Hilarious people, let me tell ya.

We made it.

We take care of our business and are quickly back on the road.
Our windows are down and the breeze is just whipping through.
The radio is turned up loud to drown out the sound of the whirring wind.
We pull up to a traffic light and I turn the music down low.
Suddenly, for no apparent reason at all, Collin let's out a hearty 

I turn in his direction in time to see the random dude in the car next to us nearly get whip lash as he turns left to see who just let out the cat call for him.

Dude thinks it was ME!
Wow, this is awkward.
Thanks son.

Time to put the pedal to the metal.

And all of this from inside the mini.
Guess they are cooler than I once thought...

Dear Uncle Dude...

Dear Uncle Dude,
Happy birthday Uncle Dude.  I love you.  I think you are silly.  I like you because I really love you.  I will buy you a kite for your birthday.  A batman kite.  Today you are _______ years old...  I don't know cause I think I not know that kind of number.  (Translation, you are old).  You are really good at readin.  I'll see you tonight at your house to play.  Bye.
Love, Madelyn

Dear Uncle Dude,
Happy birthday.  I love you.  You are really good at working on the computer.  I think you are going to be kind of like 100.  When will I be 100 years old and in 100th grade?  Happy birthday.

Love, Collin

Dear Michael,
You are absolutely one of my all time favorite people.  Always have been, always will be.  You are such a bright light to all who have the privilege of knowing you.  To know you is to love you.  I'm your sister, so some may say I am partial but I think you are one of the greatest guys I will ever know.  ;)
I wish you nothing but happiness and laughter this year...

Here's to you Uncle Dude!!

Happy Birthday!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A happy day

Yesterday we celebrated the life of our precious Madelyn.
She was born on the first day of spring.
With spring comes sunshine, warmth and life.
Madelyn is all of thee above.
I pray she will always bloom wherever she is planted.

Yesterday was a lovely day.
Madelyn woke up and was quickly showered with birthday goodness from mommy and daddy!!  

Here are just a few of her animated reactions...

Daddy took Collin and Madelyn fishing before lunch.  We will save those pictures for a post all of their own.  Stay tuned.

We took Madelyn out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  I shared the exciting news with our waiter~ It's Madelyn's birthday you know.

Not long before they all came a clappin!  
Madelyn's eyes were wide and her grin even wider!!
They had her stand on her chair as the waiter shouted for the attention of the entire restaurant.  
She gleefully stood with her head held high and waved the royal wave.
And in that moment the room stood still for our beauty.
They all celebrated her in all of her magnificence.
My heart pumped proudly, honored to be at her table, even more so to be her mom.

After dinner the troops arrived for more celebrating!!  
The lady of the hour wore the grandest smile...
 Waiting for her gift from Nana

 Uncle Dude and Aunt Andi
 John and Nana
 Gran Fran
 Mommy and her girl
 GG and Claire
 Poor daddy was so busy putting the big wheel together that we never did get a picture of him with his birthday princess.  :(

Time for dessert!!
We honestly don't need to add any sugar to this sweet little lady...

 Trying out her new rides...

Thanks to all who celebrated with us.
Madelyn gives us much reason to celebrate!!