Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Momma's little helper...

Little Miss Madelyn decided she would be the one to wash her "bruder" Collin's hair...
I mean who needs momma anyway?
There was lots of this...
And then there was a slight mishap with the
 ~oh so heavy~ bucket of "wuder"
that she dumped on her head rather than his

That's right baby girl just dust yourself off and keep on movin'
Momma's don't have time for cryin...

She takes this job very seriously
You did a fine job sister...
Here is Mr. Squeaky clean himself!

Monday, August 30, 2010

A perfect picture

I love little kid drawings.
And now that they are coming from my  3 1/2 year old little one
I love them even more!

This is Collin's depiction of his daddy.
Funny how sweet crayola drawings can make a momma so proud!
Isn't it just perfect?
He drew it today and when he showed it to me he said...
"It looks just like him doesn't it?"
Yes baby, it sure does...
Daddy stood giggling in the background with his eyes crossed!  :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My greatest pleasure

For as long as I have been a mom I have said
"My greatest pleasure is being a mommy"
What joy my children bring to my life.  
How I love to care for them.
Simply put, I just adore them.

Sometimes, if I really let myself think about how quickly time is passing, I get sad.  The thought of my kids growing up and stepping out into this big world can bring me to tears.
It seems like yesterday that they were just like this...

But as a mommy it's my job
 to get my sweet babies ready to step out into this big world.
To introduce them to our God...
to help prepare them for all that He has planned for their lives.
To overflow their love cups.
To give them confidence in themselves.
To teach them to respect.
To show them how to love.
Life comes full circle you know... 

Yesterday mom took me "school shopping".  Yes I am 31 and am now the one who sits at the big desk and teaches all the little people, but mom still takes me school shopping...
Even at 31, my mom is still taking care of me!
 We had so much fun together.  Just leisurely shopping and trying on clothes for each other.  Ohhing and ahhing over all the cute shoes, just talking like girlfriends do.
Look at these cuties, Mom bought us both a pair!
 I love my mom, I mean really love her.
 I just love that we were able to hang together yesterday, just the two of us...
And wouldn't you just love for someone to offer to take you shopping for a new outfit and new pair of shoes?  I know, thank you very much!
But ya know, all that aside...
Mom taught me a lesson yesterday...
No matter how old my kids are  3, 13, 31, 60...
My greatest pleasure doesn't haven't to change...
My greatest pleasure will always be taking care of my children!
XO love you mom!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday again!

We celebrated Grammy's birthday at Uncle Dude's and Aunt Andi's on Thursday night.  This was our third celebration with Grammy, but when you have a Grammy like ours you have LOTS to celebrate!  ;)
My faves!

Million dollar smile!
My silly boy
Do you die over this outfit?

The kids took turns watching the 
grill master (a.k.a Uncle dude) 
as he slaved over the grill.
The birthday girl and her cupcake.
Make a wish and we will too...
Good til the last lick!
We love you Grammy!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My first award...

I was given my first blogging award today from one of my favorite blogging friends... Tammy at Matter of Fact!!
What a fun way to start the morning!
Thank you Tammy!  :)
Seven random things about me:

1.  My greatest pleasure is being a mommy.

2. I am a true claustrophobic and will avoid elevators at all cost,
I mean seriously when I get in them my heart races.

3. I am a reality TV junkie!  

4. I am a complete germaphobe...
ask anyone who knows me, it is ridiculous!
A germaphobe/claustrophobic...
now that's a title to be proud of :/

5. I absolutely hate blow drying my hair.

6. I work part time as a first grade reading teacher.

7. My all time favorite color is ~ pink
favorite color to wear ~ black
favorite color to decorate with ~ red

I am passing the award on to...

It's always fun to be the one spreading sunshine!

My sunshine...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Nana!

Happy sweet SIX"TEE"

Even better than your sweet sixteen right?

Happy birthday Nana,
we think you're number one!
And whenever we are with you,
 we sure have lots of fun!

You're funny and you're silly
you love to laugh and play.
We thank our Jesus for you 
each and every day!

We wish you lots of love this year
we hope your birthday wish comes true.
We sure do love you Nana, 
thanks for all you do!


Does this look like the face of a little boy who would try to squirt you with the hose while you are holding an expensive camera?
Good thing daddy was on the other side of the door!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our fashionista...

Chose her own "outfit" after bath last night...

Coming soon to stores near you!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Last night I went to a jewelry party with some girlfriends.  Always fun to hang with your girls and dangle yourself with dazzling jewels!  ;)
I was trying to get ready while the kids played in Collin's room which was proving to be impossible.  Both my children were jumping wildly on the bed and I kept envisioning a trip to the ER if I didn't stop the madness.  My children are part kangaroo...

Too bad I don't have a pouch to put them in for safe keeping.  :)
I stopped the bouncy house party, removed them both from their makeshift trampoline and then sat guard at the foot of the bed using a hand mirror to quickly apply my make-up before anyone has time to get into more naughty business.  The kids weren't giving in....
On the bed...
~que the giggle~

off the bed...

on the bed...
~again, que the giggle~

off the bed...

You get the picture.  The good disciplinarian in me told me not to fold...
you told them to get off, make them stay off...
I caved...
I can't break a sweat, I must apply my make-up!
Everyone back on the bed, but NO jumping!
They were no longer jumping but there were now four little hands in my make-up bag...  
taking everything out, brushing make-up all over themselves, poking themselves in the eye with make-up brushes, all the while shaking the entire bed...
Do you know how hard it is to apply eye make-up while sitting on a bed with two young children, 
who are part kangaroo, nonetheless?
Are you sweating yet?!

I  was just about to go off my rocker and ban them from the bedroom entirely.  I inhale loudly and dramatically as Collin flopped on the mattress causing me to have a near catastrophic experience with the mascara... 
I glare over in his direction...
Collin is not afraid of my mommy glare...
he laughs and says
"what, we're just playing with your broomsticks"
Apparently these are my "broomsticks"...
Does this make me a witch?  :) 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Loud and proud

We stopped at Wal-Mart yesterday on the way home from the park just to pick up a few things.  The checkout lady took a liking to Madelyn and Madelyn played shy with her.  The lady standing behind me got in on the action trying to get Madelyn's attention
"Hi sweet girl."  
Madelyn responds with a shy, giggly "hi".  
"Oh what a delicate little voice she has"
It is at this moment that I practically give myself whiplash turning quickly to see if she is, in fact, talking about
OUR Madelyn...

Need I remind you of our Target  experiences?

Girlfriend is a lot of things, 
but quiet is NOT one of them.
Generally if Madelyn is quiet (and awake) she is probably into naughty business.  
As we strolled away I giggled while listening to the two ladies chat a bit more about our Mads...
"Oh she just had the tiniest little voice EVER, so delicate"

And if you know Madelyn you are now giggling too...
Sweet Madelyn I pray that your voice never grows quiet 
and that you are always "loud" about that which you love.
You bring such life to our family and fill our days with laughter.  
We just love your exuberant, friendly personality.  
We pray you will always be loud for Jesus!  
We love your sweet soul... 
every loud bit of it!  :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thinkin of you...

Today we are thinking of you Grandpa.  
Looking up at the heavens to find you...
I miss my grandpa.
There are lots of things that make me think of him 
but whenever I see a sticker on a banana
I always think of grandpa b....
Sounds funny right?
I know it is, but it's also true.
Grandpa used to peel the stickers off of everything and keep them in his pocket dictionaries that he used while doing his daily crossword puzzles.  We all used to giggle when we would flip through the pages finding sticker after sticker,
all the various kinds...
I mainly remember stickers that were peeled from fruit
but I am sure there were others.

Today when I got out of the shower I was on the hunt for my 
comb which is nothing new,
~ seriously children there is no shortage of toys around here ~
Back to the comb...
I found it, 
on the floor,
by the front door.
I picked it up and noticed this

I imagine this boy is the one responsible for finding the sticker a new home...
I peeled off the Chiquita sticker and then quickly replaced it.
I decided to leave it there...
for as long as it will stay...
that's for you grandpa!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


you just gotta let your hair down and 
while taking directions from a 3 year old...

 You rocked it Grammy...
Hope you can get out of bed in the morn!  

And for all who are wondering,
I laughed like a hyena
while watching these two crazies
enjoy one another!
We have the BEST Grammy ever!