Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Run along~

Bath time.
We love it in our house.
Sometimes the kids take two a day.

They make me crazy with their splashing.
The floor is usually flooded.
The scale soaked in water.
But I love to hear their giggles.

And then sometimes they fight.
He wants the same toy she does.
She is splashing water in his eye.
No one wants their hair washed.
I threaten to "pull the plug".
They shape up, for now anyway~

They are bathing in the master bath.
I am in our attached bedroom going through laundry.
I hear the slap.
I don't wait for the cry.
I hurry in and see Madelyn going in for another.

I catch her mid air.
She's done.
Wrapped in a towel and in time out.

She pays her time and is off to apologize to her brother.
I hear her repeated "I'm sorry" but it seems to fall on deaf ears.

"Collin" I call
"Your sister is saying she is sorry.  You need to forgive her"
"I don't want to forgive"
"God tells us that we must forgive and so we obey him"
"Oh, ok... well then I forgive you Madelyn, now run along"

Run along...
If only it were always that easy!

In other news~
Apparently it was a "wild day" at preschool.
Ryan said that when he picked up Collin Ms. Pam hugged him and said "thank you for being a good listener today".
Then she looked at Ryan and said "it's been a wild day"
Collin recounted the time outs served by his various classmates.
Poor Ms. Pam, I feel her pain~

Does my heart good to know that our boy made good choices today.
I totally heart him.

Tonight after bedtime prayers Madelyn finished the way she always does~  "I luh you Jesus"
Presh, right?
 It just never gets old.

She then very quickly pops up in bed and says
"good nigh mommy, you need to buy me a "suprise" tomorrow"
"A surprise?"
"Ya cause Collin listened at school tuhday.  Ms. Pam said Collin listened.  You can get him a surprise and then get me one too."

Not much gets by this one, not much at all...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Presidential Primary

Today is the Michigan presidential primary.  One of my facebook friends posted the following this morning and I found it to be very thought provoking...

"Headed to Gudith Elementary to exercise the freedom that's been bought and paid for by the blood of American soldiers!!"

Bought and paid for by the blood of American soldiers~
Just let that soak in for a minute or two.

I think we so often take for granted all that is sacrificed by the brave men and women who so selflessly defend our country and our freedoms.

Makes me think about my dad's friend Billy.

It certainly isn't free.
It comes at a great cost.

They all sacrifice.
All of them give their lives.
All of them.
Even the soldiers who come back.
They still give their lives.
Lay them down.
Leave their families.
Leave the comforts of home.
Give up everything.
For you.
For me.

Loved ones.
The families who are left behind.
Mothers and fathers.
Husbands and wives.
Brothers and sisters.
Sons and daughters.
Precious children.
They all give.

Thank you is never enough.
It's just not.
But sometimes it's all we have.
So today, I'll say thank you.
It comes from the depths.
Thank you~
To Billy.
To all who serve.
To all who give.
To real heros~
Thank you.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Bag it up

I often wonder why I even tidy my house.
It takes what feels like forever to organize and put away and within mere minutes my littles have the place in flames.

It never ceases to amaze me.

I can not stand clutter. 
It literally gives me heart palpating anxiety.
Dramatic, I know.
I kid you not I have been known to shed tears over a disheveled  house.
Ridiculous?  Maybe, but don't judge...

Last night Collin shouted for me twice in the middle of the night for random reasons.  Let it be noted that I sleep on the first floor and he sleeps on the second story.  He feels it's necessary to scream my name in a ridiculously loud fashion in order for me to awake from my dreams.  Little does he know that I sometimes wake at the very sound of him turning over as the bed creaks above me.  His trumpeting calls are painful.

I hurdle the stairs with heart pounding and enter the pit.
I kid you not every single step I took was with curled toes and crippled legs as I fumbled over random whatevers...
Have you ever stepped on a lego?
Mkay you catch my drift.

You wonder what he needed?
A drink of water.
From the glass on his night stand.

Oy vey~

So now we are in the dark in the middle of the night and I am lecturing the boy in my raspy nighttime voice about how he will clean up this room in the morning.  I also reminded him, for the umpteenth time, that his 5 year old legs are very capable of  walking down the stairs if he needs something mid slumber.  Or better yet son, just reach over and grab the water yourself.  :)

So here we are today...
 I told Collin to pick up his room or I was baggin it up.
As in trash baggin.  That lit the fire.  

He obviously didn't think I was all that serious though because  when I told him the same thing about the playroom that he destroyed, he chose to watch tv instead.  He was reminded 3 times.
He chose to do otherwise all 3 times.

I gave him plenty o ~ time.
And then the clock ran out.

I didn't say a word.
I just walked in and started to bag all the toys that were scattered about.  He quickly decided he was now "ready to clean".
Mmmm sorry dude.

And the flood gates opened.
Crocodile tears.
Blubbers and snorts and all the other sounds that come from hysterical crying.
Very theatrical.
He may or may not have inherited that from his mom,
minus the blubbers and snorts of course~

While his performance was stellar it did not tug at my heart strings, well at least not in the manner that I imagine he was hoping it would.

Obedience is important.
Natural consequences can teach valuable lessons.

We won't be throwing away any toys.  I talked at length with Collin about his responsibility to care for the things that he calls his own.  We agreed that he can earn back his "bagged" toys when/if he shows me he can care for the things he has left.  Otherwise we will find a new home for his now hidden treasures.

I'm not asking anything of my son that God doesn't also expect from his mother.  He may not "bag" up my possessions but I wonder how often he has to withhold something from me as he patiently waits for me to clean up the junk and properly care for the blessings he has already so graciously given, undeserving as I am...

Are you anxious to see how this story ends?
Ya, me too...

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Last night we spent the evening with our fab cousins.  Always, always a sweet time.  I completely enjoyed being in the company of some of my all time favorite people and my children soaked up all of the love as well.  Our cousin adventures are all the more fun with the extra babies that now are in tow!  I couldn't help but dream about the days when they are all old enough to run through the house like wild fire together... mostly because I can't wait to watch my kids enjoy their cousins in the manner in which I have always enjoyed mine, but let's be honest, I am also looking forward to the day when I am not the only momma who is sweating bullets while trying to keep her littles from bringing down the house.

I have the best intentions of taking photos and then I get all wrapped up in good conversation and spend an equal amount of time bent over from side splitting laughter and I forget all about the camera.

I always leave family gatherings in a blanket of gratefulness for the relationships that God has so graciously granted me.  We are family by blood, but we are friends by choice!  I pray my children love their cousins with the same love that I have for my own...

My heart pounds with gratitude for my earthly family but I am also every bit as thankful for my heavenly family, my brothers and sisters in Christ.  God did not create us to be alone, but rather to have companionship.  The song is all the more beautiful with a melody and a harmony part.  Agreed?

Proverbs 27:9
"The hearfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense"

God has orchestrated beautiful friendships for me.  The best ones being those that center around Christ.  I like to think I have always been a loyal and gracious friend, but I know I have never in my life cherished christian friendship as I do in my adult life, and especially since becoming a momma.  So very thankful for my go to people.  God continuously uses you all in glorious fashion.  My prayer is that He will also use me to uplift and encourage you as well...

Proverbs 27:17
As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.

God has always found a way of stitching just the right people into my life in the very season that I need them.  He has etched many names deep within the crevices of my heart where they will remain for eternity.  Eternity...

I desperately pray, and have faith, that He will do the same for my children~

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Remember this...

Kids say the funniest things don't they?  
Madelyn is no exception.
We think she is hysterical.  
The girls keeps us laughing.

Here are just a few of her lines that make me giggle~

When you ask her a question that she doesn't know the answer to she says "I can't know".

She loves to put on a show beginning by exuberantly calling out
"ladies and gempalin".

I know Papa gets a kick out of her "balilla" ice cream choice.

Yesterday I was in the bathroom waiting for her for what seemed like forever.  She was chatting with me nonstop.
There were finally a few moments of silence and the child says 

Yes, I died.

Looking forward to many more laughs with you doll face...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Today we went to visit little Claire.  
Sweet dolly was up and wide awake when we got there.
Madelyn is in LOVE with her, and is always asking to hold her.

 Isn't this the sweetest?

Collin never wants to hold her but he loves to look at her and talk to her and today he gently bounced her in her bouncy seat.  
Cousin love~

Auntie Meg always wants to hold her and today I did lots of it!!

On our way to Huntington Woods I just happened to glance back and catch my sweeties holding hands~
Be still my momma heart~

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Rescue

We began our day being rather lazy and ended it with a bang. 

We decided to go visit GG mid afternoon and she made a Target run with us.  We got a call from Grammy while we were out and she said 
"dad says he is exhausted but wants to see the kids, why don't you guys come over".
She doesn't have to twist our arm.

We go and have dinner and visit for a bit and I decide in my head that we will leave earlier than usual so we can get home and get to bed early.  We are juuust about ready to pack it all up when I proudly bring up how Madelyn can go potty "all by herself" without assistance.  She is eager to show off her skills.  She marches herself into the bathroom and promptly closes the door.  I push it open and peak in.  She is offended and pushes it shut and locks it.  
Dad happens to be walking by and says "I hope she knows of how to get out".
My response~
"Oh she totally knows how to get out."

I mean seriously the child locks her brother out of her bedroom daily....
She knows how to get out.

But then she doesn't

She starts to panic.


I calmly try to talk her through how to unlock the door. 

"Turn the knob sweet pea"

I hear her fiddling around but to no avail.  

There is a small little hole in the knob so we try to pop the lock.
Again, no such luck.
This wasn't a pop lock but a "twister".
And yes I am pretty sure "twister lock" is the technical term.

We are trying to give her direction after direction and she is starting to panic.  I can hear it in her voice.  She begins to cry the panic cry.  She is jumping up and down and I am starting to panic for her.  
I knew we would get her out but what a terrible feeling to be so close and yet sooo unable to help.

I slide my hand underneath the door and she held onto it.  I called her daddy and slide the phone to her so she could talk to him, hoping he would be able to help in some way.  

All the while papa is tirelessly working on the door.  We can't take the knob off, no that would be too easy.  The screw backed into the knob and is impossible to get out.  

Madelyn was doing surprisingly well with only moments of panic.  But I had this pit in my stomach knowing that at any moment she may give in to fear.  I had her pray~
"Jesus please help me to get out of here"

I almost cried.  Something about hearing her sad little voice asking Jesus for help made me choke up.

There were a few moments of silence.  I held her little fingers and called her name....



"What are you doing?"

"I just waiting for Papa to get me out of here"

Poor thing.

Grammy calls the fire department and they are sending someone out.  It was our last resort beyond busting down the door.

In the meantime Papa goes outside and tries to talk Madelyn through unlocking the window.  It's a "crank window".  Again, I am sure that "crank window" is surely the technical term.

She can't reach the lock. 

She sits on the floor and cries.  She feels defeated.  Papa is knocking on the window and coaching her back.  She tries again and I hear the lock pop.

"I did it"

We cheer.  

But now she has to crank the window open.  
Papa doesn't wait, he pulls it.

Ahhh the screen!

Papa somehow manages to talk her through popping the locks on either side of the screen.  I left the bathroom door and run outside.  I get him a chair because he can't reach her.

He reaches in and pulls her out.  
She says 
"Papa you got me, I knew you would get me out."

I think it's around this time that the police come and Grammy is able to let them know that we got her out.

Madelyn calls daddy to tell him that "papa rescued me".

Her hero~

She proceeds to recount the entire story.

 Thumbs up, we got her out~
 I take her into the bathroom and have her show me what she was doing to get herself out.  She was absolutely turning the lock, but in the wrong direction.  When we got home I tried the lock on her bedroom door.  It turns to the left to unlock, Grammy's turns to the right.  She thought she was doing everything she knew to be right and in her panicked state couldn't think to turn it the other way.

Mommy shows her what to do.

Collin was worried "she would never get out".
 She tells him alll about it.
 And even shows him how she unlocked the window.

Keeping her eye on her papa, her rescue hero.

Madelyn talked about the "bafroom" ordeal the entire way home, and I'm pretty sure we will be talking about it for the next few days.

Her prayers tonight...
"Thank you Jesus for rescuing me and for Papa rescuing me when I was locked in the "baf~room".  I luh you Jesus."

Then she looks at me and says~
"Mommy I'm so proud of you because you held my hand under the door when I was locked inside."


I am proud of that little girl.  Things could have been much worse had she lost her mind in there.  By God's grace she kept her cool and was able to help her Papa by unlocking the window.  
Sure, she did it the hard way but she did it nonetheless.  :)

So how did we get the door unlocked you wonder?
I hoisted myself up and through the window and crawled inside.
Don't ask me how, but I'm sure it was a sight to see.

I wonder if Papa is still glad he invited us over tonight...  :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy heart day~

Valentine's celebrations started a little early!
I came home from a massage yesterday to a heart shaped dinner~

 Mads was super pumped about her "happy card" from Grammy and Papa.  Let it also be noted that they both got cards from Nana and Gran Fran, as well as, Valentines all the way for NH!  Thanks Jannie we heart you!
 Daddy bought me tulips~ my favorite flower.
 Black and white because let's face it, at this time of the night we look tired and old.  

 My littlest Valentines~

Collin is very in to Valentine's this year.  Last night he asked "Mommy will you be my Valentine"

Bless his heart, he made my day.  All night long he kept kissing my head and giving me hugs and saying "I love you Valentine".  Dripping in sweetness.  Best gift ever son!

Just before bed he lets me know that 
"You are supposed to buy presents for your Valentine you know"
Apparently that was my hint to get him something?
Oh Collin bug~

This was the card he made for me...
a true treasure~

We started our morning with the yearly Valentine Scavenger hunt.  The kids were very eagerly waiting.  Collin could not keep his eyes open for whatever reason!  

Clue number 1 ~ let's have some fun!

You will find clue #2 where you keep your shoes...

She found it!

Clue number 3 is hidden in the place where you eat with me...
 She got it again!

Clue number four is hidden behind a secret door...
 Good job buddy!

Clue number five is where we end our day with a dive...

They found it in the tub but I wasn't quick enough to snap a shot.

Clue number six is in the drawer where you can find a spoon to mix.  

Again, mommy missed the photo op.  

And now for your Valentine~
Go to the space where I keep all of those clothes of mine...
 Um unfortunately this was their first guess~

 Next stop, the closet...

Valentine goody bags...

 Our beauty~
 Serious about her heart shaped bracelets.

 Neither wasted any time digging in to the candy.

A heart shaped breakfast.

And the day has only just begun!
I will be spending it with my three favorite people!
Wouldn't want it any other way.
My heart is full, overflowing actually.
Happy Valentine's Day to my three loves~