Saturday, June 30, 2012

Honk to the heavens

Whew what a fun filled Saturday!
We started the morning out early with a birthday party at the train park for a friend at church.

Sweet Madelyn gazing at the party pinata waiting for it to drop treasures...

She took a seriously hearty swing and wowed the crowd.
Her brother was the one who busted it wide open and sent the goodies flyin!

 We came home and spent most of the afternoon in the pool before cleaning up to run a few errands, including a visit with GG.

While at the store Madelyn picked up a bike horn and we bought it because her bell had recently broken.  She was so proud honking that thing all through the store.  It should have been my first clue to leave it in the aisle where we found it.  :)

We get home and she jumps out of the van and again, begins honking that horn like a crazy lady.  Both arms stretched toward heaven as far as they would reach.  
"Madelyn you honk it once and then you have to stop, the neighbors won't like all that noise"

She responds quickly and is dead serious...
"Oh I just tryin to wake up Jesus..."

I  heart this child.

Sadly, we can't find her bike.
We live on a dead end street and rarely have any traffic although today a few houses were having garage sales.  I'm thinking Madelyn left her bike near the road after a morning ride and someone came by and swiped it?  Sad. 

So now we have a loud honker and no bike.
I'm sure my neighbors love me...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This week Collin is attending Vacation Bible School with his besties who live next door.  Both Collin and Madelyn play with the youngest 3 (out of 7 children) from nearly the time they wake up until I make them come in to clean up for bed.  They often even eat meals together.  They have become like family to us and we are blessed to have them so close.  I'm truly so grateful for their sweet friendship.

They invited Collin to join them at VBS and he is just loving it.
Look at how proud he is in his t-shirt (handed out the first night)...
Is it just me or does the boy look like he is almost old enough to drive a car?  
Seriously hard for me to believe that he is VBS age!  
I remember just loving a good week of VBS every summer and now my first born is experiencing it on his own!

I drove him the first night and last night we weren't home so he missed.  Tonight his friends invited him to ride along with them.  I secretly wanted to drive him myself and make sure he was all situated but of course he really wanted to ride with his besties.  

And just like that he was buckling in to another vehicle and off he went without his momma.  
Be still my heart.
I could have cried.
But I didn't, shocker I know.  ;)

I just prayed over him that the spirit would capture his heart and speak truth to him in a manner in which he could understand.
Asking God to wash over him in ways that will lay strong foundations that he will forever build upon.
He's growing up, spreading his wings a little more each day...

I spent the evening alone with this sweet love.
The girl is hysterical.
We went and visited Grandma Fran and then made our rounds at Target.  She's learning the ropes, and knows the routine...
When the boys are away girls go to Target.

I'm so very thankful for these two loves.
God has been so very good to me!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Self Portraits

Madelyn often confiscates my iphone and knows her way around it quite well.  She usually just looks at photos in my gallery makes or silly videos of herself which she entertains herself with over and over again.  
She also likes to take self portraits.  
My phone is full of surprise pictures such as these...

That's our beauty queen~

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer lovin

We are loving summer!

Late to bed, late to rise...
well when Madelyn cooperates :)

Enjoying long days in the sunshine with friends.
Dirty bathtub water at the end of the day is a tell tale sign that it's been a good one!!

Here is our week in review.
Thank you iphone~

PF Ch@ngs

 Backyard water fun with friends

 Summer sparklers

Bring on a new week of summer fun!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Because I knew

Before ever marrying Ryan I dreamed of him as a father.  
I was quite positive he would be amazing.
The man didn't disappoint.

I just always knew...

I knew he would love his children fiercely.

I knew his heart would be tender toward them.

I knew he would be ridiculously fun.

I knew he would give them every minute of each day that he possibly could.

I knew he would teach them all that he knew.

I knew he would be a hands on daddy.

I knew he would be the best.

I knew they would want to be just like him.

I knew how much they would love him.

I knew I didn't want to parent without him.

I knew I would need him.

How did I know?

I just always knew...

Happy Father's Day Ryan.

Warmest Father's Day wishes to our own father's as well.
May they always know just how very loved and cherished they are.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Catching up

For whatever reason I have been horrible at keeping up with my blogging lately.  I imagine it has something to do with the warm weather.  We spend much our time outside these days.  

At any rate, there is lots to catch up on!!

Collin and Daddy had a fantab time fishing on Tues.  They weren't too far from placing but were a tad bit off of the mark when it came to total weight of fish caught.  There is always next week and the pictures prove that the time together was worth more than any grand cash prize...

The fun didn't stop on Tuesday!

Nope, bring on Wednesday!
Daddy took both kiddos to Greenfield Vill@ge while mommy was at work.  First trip of the season!  I was sad to miss out but it's sweet that daddy takes initiative to do those things with two littles in tow.  :)

 All aboard!

 The "caroself"
 Big ole giant sugar sticks.

Last night we met up with Uncle Michael, Aunt Andi and sweet cousin Claire for a divine dinner at Grammy and Papa's.  Food was amaze!  
Look at this sugar!
 Mads is so in love!

This morning's fun started early with a birthday part for one of Collin's besties from school.
 Next stop, Relay for Life!
The kids spent most of their time in the bounce house.
Side story...
When Collin was about 2 we were at a church event and he was bouncing gleefully in the bounce house when the power cut off somehow and it quickly began to deflate with Collin inside of it.  Rather terrifying for a little person and his momma.
He wouldn't go near them for a loooooong time.
He did finally conquer his fear but has never forgotten the dramatic event.  He always asks "is it going to fall?".  I always assure him that "it won't fall don't worry" because I mean seriously that had to be a totally random event, yes?!
Apparently NO.
Today while Madelyn gleefully jumped the gas ran out of the generator and down came the bounce house with Mads inside.
Sweet mercy you have to be kidding.
Collin was thankfully not inside at the time but I thought surely this will do him in, never again with he trust the bounce house.
Madelyn was first in line to get back in once the tank was refilled.
No surprise there.
Collin was right after her.  
Shocker people, seriously!
Needless to say we bring down the house, the bounce house that is.

Cooling off with a delish fruit smoothie.

 Grammy made a luminary bag for Grandpa B.
I will love him forever.
I miss him something fierce.
Mom held the bag so I could take a picture.
I was happy to hide behind my sunglasses as my eyes were wet with tears for the great ECB...

A heart for Grandma and Grandpa, four more to represent their four children and then one for each grandchild.
Mom did go back and add three more for the great grands.  :)

Now the sun is beginning to fall.
The kids are tucked safely in bed.
This momma is going to snuggle up on the couch and enjoy some mindless television!

Bring on summer!

PS if you made it alllll the way to the end of this post God bless your heart.
And if there are lots of errors, please forgive but it's too long for me to edit.  :)
I kid, but not really...
Mindless TV is callin.