Saturday, April 17, 2010

Restaurant Night

When I think back on my childhood I think about how our family always did things together. Michael and I had our own friends and we hung out with them but we spent most of our time as a family. One "tradition" was Friday night restaurant night. As I remember it, we usually went out as a family on Friday nights and we took turns choosing where we would go. I think I usually chose Big Boy or Chi Chi's (loved Chi Chi's but knew it wasn't Dad's fav so I didn't choose it too often) :)
Well then I went off to college and Mom and Dad would still take me out when I came home on the weekends or they would come to school and take me out for a nice meal (which was appreciated... all of you who have been to college know that college kids eat on a budget which means a high class meal is something along the lines of Ramen noodles).
Even after I got married Mom and Dad always invited me to restaurant night...and I usually went! (Ryan is usually working on Friday nights) ;)
After Collin was born we started ordering in at mom and dad's house as it was just easier. I always felt kind of bad that they didn't go out as often but they always assured me that they would rather have us join them at home.

Well yesterday was our first "restaurant night" with both kids! We went to Texas Road House (dad's fav) and the kids were perfect! Collin has been before and he is always good in the restaurants. Mads was just eatin away and watching everyone and everything, everyone smiled at her and told her how cute she was which made her smile even brighter.
After dinner we went to the park and for an "ah scream" (ice cream) as Collin calls it. We had a great time...

We always ate as a family when I lived at home. Every night we were all home by 5:30 for dinner. If we went out to eat, we went together. The dinner table is a great place for families to talk. Not many families eat together anymore, some do, but most don't. I once asked my class of first graders to raise their hand if they ate dinner the night before with their family and I think 6 out of 22 raised their hands...
As often as possible, my little family will be eating together...and when my kids are grown and married with children of their own, I will still be inviting them to eat with me!!

Mom and Dad~
Thanks for always having us eat as a family and for making that time a time where you made sure that Michael and I knew that what we had to say was important...and thanks for always inviting me to dinner even though I am married with children of my own!

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