Tuesday, May 11, 2010


My Mother's Day was wonderful.  Daddy let me sleep in while he got up with the kids, he even took them down to play in the basement so it would be that much quieter upstairs.    I got out of bed about an hour later than everyone else.  Upon waking I was showered with cards, gifts and the sweetest "Happy Birthday" wish from Collin...sweet little one remembered he was supposed to wish me a "happy" something!  ;)  
Of course I wanted daddy to capture a few photos of me with the two little lovies that so sweetly call me "mommy".  Daddy took countless shots.  Have you ever tried to get a one year old and a three year old to sit, smile AND look at the camera all at the same time?  Seriously people, I was sweating...

This is Collin and his toilet paper tie, which he is totally proud of,  and he had to be photographed in.

Hmm, well at least we ALL have our mouths wide open, 
that has to count for something!

Even the blinds are hanging crooked...

And we're done...

We did end up with a few "keepers" 
 later in the day, you can find them here.  People always ask, "how do you capture such great shots of your kids?".  Well, we take shot after shot after shot and somewhere in the middle of the  chaos you'll always find a keeper!

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  1. Looks like we're not alone in the "trying to get everyone to look and smile" club!
    Enjoy the night!