Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let Me Hold You Longer...

Today Kelly's Korner is hosting Show Us Your Life, favorite children's books.  I LOVE children's books, it's part of my job... I teach first graders how to read!
I have many favorites including, Let Me Hold You Longer by best selling author Karen Kingsbury.  A friend gave it to me as a gift after Collin was born.

"Best selling author Karen Kingsbury has created a touching reminder that the years of childhood fly too quickly by us.  Most of us faithfully remember to capture our children's "firsts".  Karen encourages readers to try to recognize and savor the often fleeting "lasts"-those milestones that so easily go unrecorded.  Let me Hold You Longer is a heartwarming reminder of the precious process of growing up and the joys of watching it happen."

It is also one of Collin's favorites, and he often times will ask us to read it to him.  It is sad to think about how many "lasts" we will miss and how quickly they will come,  but I love the book for the simple reason that it reminds me to slow down and cherish each moment...enjoy the dirty handprints and the sloppy kisses!

Both of my kids LOVE books!  
Madelyn will "read" anything...

Collin really loves most books as well although he is especially interested in the How Do Dinsosaurs... books.  He has a few of them completely memorized, and when I say completely memorized I am talking about dedication page and all... " To David Francis Stemple, my first grandson.  To Bonnie and Robbie, for dreaming of dinosaurs".  HA!  It makes me giggle every time he "reads" it!

"A house without books is like a room without windows."
  ~Heinrich Mann


  1. Oh how I love the book Let Me Hold You Longer! I still can't read that book and not tear up (and it was given to me four years ago when my middle daughter was born!). And I love the bow in your little girls hair! :)

  2. I tear up every time I read that book as well! I bought that clip on, it's called an ostrich cracks me up when she wears it! ;)

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  4. i love pics of little ones reading... warms the heart!