Friday, May 7, 2010

The Name Game

Kelly's Korner is hosting "Show Us Your Life" Fridays.  Today is "baby names" where you share how you came up with your children's names.  I love hearing new baby names and the stories behind them!

                                                     Collin Ryan
Collin's name was chosen long before I was even pregnant with him!  Collin is my brother's middle name and I have always loved it.  Ryan loved it too and so we never even talked about any other boy name besides Collin.  The only dilemma we had was how to spell it...Colin or Collin.  My brother has two L's.  At first I had wanted just one L...Colin.  Ryan did not agree.  He was worried people would pronounce it "colon".  I tried to win him over to the idea but no deals.  As you can see, we ended up with two L's...Collin (after his uncle) Ryan (after his daddy).  I must say I am SO glad we used both L's!  :)


                                                 Madelyn Kristine
Ryan chose Madelyn's name.  When I was pregnant with Collin we had chosen Collin Ryan for a boy and Kendall Kristine for a girl (Kristine is my middle name).  We actually had both names picked out before we were even expecting.  There was no discussion, those were the names.  It was as easy as me saying to Ryan "I like Collin Ryan for a boy and Kendall Kristine for a you like those names?"  "Yep" he loved easy!  When I found out I was pregnant with Madelyn I, of course, wanted to talk about names immediately.  Funny enough, we both decided that if we had a girl we weren't going to use Kendall.  I don't really know why, because we both still like the name.  I totally thought this would be simple, I will choose a name I like, run it by Ryan and he will love it...I mean after all that is how it went the first time.  WrOnGo!  First of all, he kept saying "let's wait until we know girl or boy".  I hate waiting...but whatever.  So we wait 20 weeks and then we find out GIRL!!  YAY!  So let's think pink and talk girl names....a few of my choices were Emma, Chloe and Addison..."do you like them Ryan?", no, and triple no!  Um hello, what?!  I thought this was supposed to easy!  :)
Apparently this time daddy had his own idea of the perfect baby name!  At first we did NOT agree on much until one day out of nowhere he said "I like the name Madelyn".  I have always loved the name Madelyn but the one hang up I had was "everyone will call her Mady".  It's not that I don't like Mady, because I do think it is adorable, it's just that I really loved Madelyn and I didn't want her to become Mady rather than Madelyn.  
So she is now Madelyn...don't call me Mady....Kristine!  :) Ha Ha!  Everyone ALWAYS asks, do you call her Mady?  We don't, but we do call her Mads and Madsy and when she was very small Collin started calling her "Dooski" and he still does.  We all do sometimes!  
We also share initials....daddy is RCM....Collin is CRM.  Madelyn and I are both MKM.  I also think it is funny that Ryan has 4 letters, Megan has 5 letters, Collin has 6 letters and Madelyn has 7...and to top it off, we all end with "n"!  That was NOT planned, but fun nonetheless!  
And there you have it, the story of Collin Ryan and Madelyn Kristine!

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