Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday Lovin

When Madelyn wakes up "Cuh", aka Collin, is usually the first person she is looking for.  Collin heard her talking to herself after her nap yesterday and asked if he could go in.  I heard them talking to each other and giggling and I figured I should grab the camera to capture their conversation on film.  So glad I did...

Might I add that all of those kisses were initiated by the kids without prompting from the "mamma"razzi.  Sweet girl just adores her brother.  Collin kept saying, "Mommy Mads loves me, because I share with her".  Needless to say, they warmed their momma's heart!

After dinner we went to visit with Grandma, Grandpa and Nana and there were even more kisses!  This was a Sunday full of lovin!

Eskimo kisses with grandma and grandpa!

Grandma gave Collin some sweet treats as we were leaving which made him VERY happy!  As we were driving away he said, "Mommy let's go back there again some time, I had a good time, I like it there."  We'll go back little one, don't you worry!


  1. Loving all that sibling love!
    And love how they look in b&w!!
    Enjoy the day!