Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Full Circle

My girlfriend Selina came over with her daughter Eva on Saturday.  We have known Eva since she was just a few weeks old and have watched her grow into the sweetest little girl.  I am VERY blessed to be able to teach part-time and I have had the privilege of being Eva's first grade reading teacher this year.  She has really flourished into a fantastic reader and so this picture of her reading to my little ones just tickles me to pieces as she is passing on to my children some of what I have taught her!

And as for her ability to get both of those sweeties to gather around and pay attention at the same time, 
well that's just natural talent! :)


  1. That is so precious! i gotta admit... i teared up just a little... you are the reason she can do that i am so grateful!!!! i love you!!!

  2. Awesome on both the reading and gathering accounts!!! Maybe a future teacher herself? Selina and Meg, I'm sure both of you are leaving an indelible mark upon this sweet girl :)