Friday, June 11, 2010

Just one of those days...

I wrote the following on Friday, February 5th, 2010. 
I had a day that was similar to today, you know
 "just one of those days"...

I thought it was only fitting to repost this here...
4 months later we had another one of "those days"...

February 5, 2010

So today was just one of those days. You know 
the kind of days where your house is just a huge 
mess all day and every single time you clean 
something up there is a little person behind 
you dumping out. Ya it was that kind of day...
Collin decided to pour his own orange juice 
which resulted in an orange flood in the kitchen. 

While I was cleaning that mess he thought he 
would help out by dumping the carpet freshener 
all over the carpet, all the while Madelyn is just 
dumping this and that here, there, and everywhere.
Ok so let's just eat dinner and take a bath, at 
least I will be "cleaning" something. Rub a dub 
dub everyone in the tub. Take Madelyn out and 
while dressing her I hear splish splash and I know 
that sound all too well. "Collin what are you doing"
Collin responds "oh just dumping the water out 
of the tub". Got to love the honesty. Yes now my 
kitchen and my bathroom have been "flooded" 
by my almost 3 year old within an hour of each 
other. Whew...
While cleaning the first "flood" I was explaining 
to Collin that sometimes little boys have to wait 
for their mommy's when they need a drink. 
"Why mommy?". "Well because you are still too 
little to pour drinks and it makes a big mess for
 mommy to clean up so next time you will need 
to wait for mommy, ok". As I was soaking and 
wiping and spraying and cleaning I was 
thinking that God must so often think the same 
thing about me. I am sure He often tries to tell me 
"you are making a mess, why don't you just 
wait for me". I hear you Lord.
So it's now the end of the day and I can honestly 
say that I am thankful for today's mess. I am 
thankful that I have messes to clean up after. 
While I may not always immediately go to that
 thought at the moment that I first see the mess, 
I am truly thankful for the mess. If there weren't 
any messes to clean then it would mean there 
weren't any children here . Oh sweet Jesus, 
thank you for the messes. Thank you for teaching 
me about you through the messes my children make.

I used to keep a very tidy house, you could stop by 
anytime and everything would be right where it 
should be, you wouldn't find much dust and there 
would probably be lines in the carpet from the vacuum. 
There would never be dirty dishes in the sink. 
Things have definitely changed...
 Now if you stop by there will most certainly be 
crumbs in the carpet rather than lines. Most things 
will be out of place and I will desperately be trying
 to get them into place but you will find little hands
 behind me dumping and destroying. And the dust, 
oh the dust. You will definitely notice it as there 
will be tiny handprints all over it. And the sink, 
well it will probably be full of bottles and sticky 
sippy cups. But this is life now and I love it. 
I don't enjoy the mess but I LOVE why it is here. 
The mess is here because there are two beautiful 
miracles that live in my house. Those two little 
miracles are constant reminders that life isn't 
about clean houses and lines in the carpet. It isn't 
about empty dishwashers and clean dishes. 
See I started this journey as a mommy thinking 
I would spend my days teaching my children 
about life but rather I find that it is my children who 
daily teach me what life is really all about... 
There are not enough words to express the love 
that my heart holds for my children but 
God knows my heart. 
Mommy love, there isn't anything like it! 
So it was one of those days. A day full of messes 
that this mommy feels privileged to have cleaned up! :)

And here we are 4 months later and again having 
one of "those days".  After fretting over it for 
a bit I did what made the most sense....
I turned up the music and we had a
dance party in the kitchen....
Then we sat down in the midst of our the messy house, 
and we all played with play-doh...

And then I called for back-up!  :)  Collin had been 
asking to go to GG's throughout the day but I really 
needed to get some cleaning done so we called GG
 and asked her to come to our house!  She was thrilled.  
We ate dinner and made a quick trip to Target.  
GG insisted on buying both of the kids something.  
I fought her telling her over and over again that it was unnecessary.  I finally gave in when she looked 
me in the eye and said "you will never know how
much pleasure it brings me to buy things for
these kids"....

I end the day with my eyes set on these two beauties
praying that one day they will understand what great
pleasure it brings me to be their mommy...
even on the messy days!


  1. Dance parties in the kitchen (even if it is a bit messy) are the best!!
    Good for you for turning one of those kind of days into a great kind of day!
    Enjoy the day

  2. i loved that post the first time i read it and i love it just as much now... what a good mommy you are to leave the mess and have a dancing play dough moment... that is the hardest part, making the choice to leave the mess and play.. we should all do that more often. :)