Wednesday, June 30, 2010

If the shoe fits...

Collin's first pair of big boy shoes were a size
7 XW (extra wide).
Being that this little love has XW feet, 
we have always had to buy him $50 stride rite shoes.
His "Freds", as we lovingly call them, 
(named after Fred Flinstone)
are a bit too wide to fit into your average pair of
Target shoes...
No worries, I mean he is a boy,
he doesn't need many shoes.

When we took Madelyn to buy her first pair of
big girl shoes 
we found that she too has a pair of "Freds"...
5.5 XW to be exact.

Do you know how often I walk through Target and see all of those adorable little girly shoes just wishing that sweet Madsy's feet would fit into them.
Not long ago I thought "ah what the heck"
and I tried a pair on her,
her foot looked like a sausage...
I sighed and simply said "nope".
She looked at me and let out the sweetest belly laugh,
 which made me giggle...
Seriously people it's like she knew what was going on, 
and she was just embracing what God gave her...

There is still hope for my sweet Madsy's shoe closet...
Yes it's true...
We bought our first pair of Target sandals, 
and seriously, 
how cute do those pudgy little feet look in these???
I do realize that the only reason these bad boys fit
is because there is a strap up the middle and nothing on the sides
but it's a start!
Madelyn is SO proud of her new shoes,
stomping all around in them,  
every once in a while stopping to admire them...
If the shoe fits Mads, 
wear it...
after all,
look what happened to Cinderella!

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  1. These are the cutest feet I have ever seen! She is total girl, into fashion already. I won't say she got it from her mommy OR grammy..... :)