Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Haircuts and piggy banks

I took Collin to get his hair cut this morning and on the way home we stopped at Target.  Collin found a super cute piggy bank that he "really, really wanted".  He has never had a piggy bank and I thought it was a good idea.  I was proud of his pick too.  There were a few different styles but he chose the one I would have bought and I didn't even have to try to persuade him...
You know what I mean by persuade,
I mean we have all done it right??
"Oh yes sweetie that Toy Story t-shirt with the super bright colors and 10 different action figures splattered all over it is very cute but don't you just love this plain white shirt with the adorable little blue polo horse, see there is even a little guy riding the horse, let's get this super cool horse one!"

Nothing to feel bad about, I mean kids like horses right?

"Oh alright we can buy the Toy Story shirt too, although I am pretty sure it's a "pajama" shirt..."  :)

back to the piggy bank...
On our way home Collin was already asking about putting money in his bank.

Mommy can I have some money for my piggy bank?

Sure, when we get home we will put some in there.  

I want to fill it up mommy.

Well where are you going to get all this money from?

From you mommy.

Well what will you do when mommy runs out of money?

I will ask Grammy and Papa and Nana for some!

Bless his heart, he knows where the money's at!!

I think it's safe to say that he will gladly accept 
any and all donations from anyone who wants to contribute!


  1. Nice choice on the piggy bank :) and good goin' on the go-to people to fill the bank - ha! He is one smart cookie. Tell him we will save our quarters for him :)

  2. Cute boy and cute hair cut !!! I love the piggy- bank !!!

  3. I just bought the similar, girly one for my little girls at Target too! Your kids are beautiful!