Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Little Shiner

Oh was this not the kind of "shiner"
you were thinking of???

Oh sweet Madsy girl you keep me on toes,
there is never a dull moment when you are around!

So how did sweets get this pretty shiner?
Well she refuses to sit in the bathtub.  
Our entire bath time is filled with 
"Madelyn sit down".
Finally today after the third or fourth or maybe even fifth
"Madelyn sit down"
I finally said, "that's it time to get out"...
and she promptly slipped and fell into the side of the tub resulting in this beautiful shiner. It looked really bad at first, this picture just does not do it justice!
 It was big and really puffy,
but thankfully it is just a small, slight bruise now and all is well.  
It was so close to her eye, I am very thankful it wasn't any closer!

we had a really fun day but didn't get any pictures.  
Daddy took both kids to the park and to the store this morning 
and I had an hour of quiet all by myself!  ;)

Madelyn and mommy took a nap while 
Collin and daddy washed the mustang and worked in the garage.  
We went out to dinner at Stevie B's for pizza and games and then went to a new park!  After the park we stopped by Grandma and Grandpa Franzel's and visited with them.  Nana and uncle Ernie and aunt Marilyn were there too. 
Fun day!


  1. Oh how we hate seeing her get hurt, especially her pretty face! She is just an accident waiting to happen :/ please slow down brave girl!

  2. Poor baby... But LOVE stevi-B's!!!

  3. We love Stevi-b's too! Such a great place to go with kids!! Ours is rather new but it has been our "go to" lately! ;)

  4. Poor little guy !!! He's still a cutie !!! I love your blog, glad I stopped by