Thursday, July 8, 2010

A tender heart

We had a very nice evening hanging out at mom and dad's with my brother Michael and his sweet wife Andi.  We just love to be with them, they are always a breath of fresh air.  My sister-in-law could not be more perfect for our family!  Can you believe we did not take a single picture...I know, big bummer!

I got the kids home and we got all ready for bed.  Collin always chooses a book for us to read and tonight's choice was...

Such a cute book!  It's all about a family who goes on a bear hunt...through the grass, through the mud, through a snowstorm, and on and on.  Finally at the end they find the cave with the BEAR!  They run as fast as they can and lock the bear out of the house.  The last page shows a picture of the sad bear with his head hung low walking away in the dark night.  We always say "oh that's so sad the bear doesn't have any friends and he can't find his mommy and daddy".  Before I even had a chance to say it I looked over at Collin and his little lip was quivering.  I could tell he was about to cry.  I asked what was wrong and it was very obvious that he was trying not to break this little trembly voice he said "I'm just so sad mommy because that poor bear can't find his mommy and daddy."
Oh hello mommy tears.  If you could have seen him you surely would have teared up too.  My heart just melted at his tenderness, he genuinely was saddened for that bear.  And the fact that he was so very sad at the thought of someone being without their mommy and daddy, well now if that doesn't make a mommy cry, I don't know what will!!
May your heart always stay tender to the feelings of others sweet boy....


  1. My sweet , tender hearted Collin.. you are truly a little man with a big heart..I love you and you have a smile that will bright up the world..the sweetest smile and the biggest heart in the world.. You are truly a blessing from God and I love you with all my heart.. xoxo.. Nana

  2. Collin is the sweetest little boy EVER! He was just precious this evening, said and did all the right things! Gotta love his tender heart and watchful care of his beautiful baby sis :) I could cry just thinking of his little lip quivering but am glad he is a tender hearted boy. That will never change...

  3. Oh my word seriously you guys it was the sweetest, saddest thing ever! He was so broken hearted for that bear!!

  4. I don't think I could handle seeing that, I will stick with the truck books! I know he is just that sweet though.....