Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weekend fun...

So far we have had a very busy, yet very fun weekend!  Last night the kids went on a double date with Grammy and Papa, you can read about that here.
Tonight, Grammy and I took the kids to the carnival.  I am normally not a carnival type of girl, but we thought Collin would enjoy it, and we were right!  One of us (and neither wants to be the one to claim this idea) had the bright idea to walk to the carnival.  It really wasn't far from Grammy's house (less than a mile) but when you are pushing a stroller with two kids and sun is sweltering, it seems like miles!  When we got home mom said "whose idea was that anyway".  Ha! I don't think it was ever even discussed, we just walked.

Note to self:
Next time drive to carnival

Grammy is always such a good sport and up for anything that she thinks the kids will enjoy.  We love that about her!   Collin really did have a good time and he talked about it all night!  Madelyn was a sweet angel and just strolled around happily in the stroller.  I was pleasantly surprised that she never once whined to get out.  She usually wants to be in on all the action but she was just as happy to watch all the excitement around her. 

Collin enjoying a sno cone
and sharing the goodness with Mommy
Collin and Grammy on the carousel
Collin's favorite game...darts
His Nemo prize
Driving the old fashioned cars,
he was very serious about it, and did really well

Waving to Grammy,
I love his stiff hand wave
Riding the hot air ballon ride, another fave
He rode it alone and "wasn't even scared"

1 sno cone ~ $3
3 carnival games ~ $15
3 carnival rides~ $15

1 happy little boy after enjoying the "carni-bull"~ priceless
All night Collin kept saying 
"I had so much fun today mommy!"

You make everything fun sweet boy,
and let's not leave out this little sweetie pie either...


  1. Good story, great kids, good night! I slept like a ROCK!!! :)

  2. I love that he went on the rides alone,,next year it's the Magnum with nana at Cedar Point.. I love all those crazy rides , just have a hard time finding anyone to join me..
    It's gonna be you and I Collin,,at least until dare devil Mads is old enough to ride with her crazy Nana...xo

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment!! Your sons eyes are beautiful! I found you through Kate's blog, I just love her! Hope you have a great weekend!