Thursday, August 12, 2010


It's happens to the best of us!

No worries baby girl,
nothing that a little water and a big hair bow can't fix!

Carry on little love...


  1. I knew when I saw the title this would make us laugh! What a treat after 12+ hrs. in the D.C. heat :) We had a great day though, saw lots of stuff. Can't wait to see you soon...

  2. Oh my goodness !!! Even with messy hair she's still stinking cute :)
    Thank you SO much for the idea of putting a picture of myself in my sons back pack !!! I am going to do this for sure :) Greatest idea ever !!

  3. Oh how funny! Too cute. How old is she? I'm trying to compare her to my little one who is 15 months, is she about 20 mos?

  4. She is 17 months, close to your little one! ;)