Monday, August 9, 2010

Family Days...

Yesterday we went to Grammy and Papa's house for a visit with Uncle Ed, Aunt Sheryle, Nick, Trevor and Elise (Trevor's girlfriend).  Uncle Michael and Aunt Andi were there too, bonus!  ;)  We enjoyed our visit and Uncle Michael was so sweet to grill dinner for everyone!  I got some sweet time with Aunt Andi who you know I just adore, seriously the sweetest soul.  She is so stinkin' funny too, always makes me laugh!  My favorite line from yesterday...
"Hey Michael what are those desert horses called?"

Michael responds~

We all giggled at that, and don't you love that Michael knew what she was talking about?!  Everyone needs an Andi in their family, and we are lucky enough to have the one and only!
Are you jealous, cause you should be!  ;)

Collin just fell in L-O-V-E with Elise, who he now loving calls "Aunt Leese"...

I mean seriously, how cute is she?!
She is just as sweet as she is pretty.  
She is going to be an amazing momma someday...

I love this, they were using "binoculars"...
Be kind to me, 
my heart will thank you.
Be kind to my kids,
my heart is yours!

God has blessed me with 
both immediate and extended!


  1. Such fun pictures :)
    I want to thank your for the kind words and b-day wishes !!! It was a great day, NOW back to reality, taking the kids school shopping today, they start school Monday !!!! Wish me luck !!!

  2. Megan your blog brings tears to my eyes, what a great Mommy you have become, not to mention wife,daughter,and niece. You keep up the good work. You need to write a children s book. You have great talent and the heart of Jesus, his love is shown all over your blog, Love you! Aunt Shells