Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Yesterday Daddy, papa Don and Collin spent the day at Uncle Todd's house.  
Collin met a new friend.  
Collin loved him,
and he was sure that they could be friends forever,
his friend wasn't so sure...

BFF's... well, we're not sure,
friends for the day...


  1. OH, a real, live Petey! I love the ones where his eyes are closed :)

  2. Ya except Petey was a turtle...close enough! :) did you notice the frog jumping onto him in those pics with his eyes closed?

  3. Great pictures!
    Really captured the moment!!
    Enjoy the night

  4. ha ha Meg, just as I was looking as these pix again I remembered Petey was a turtle, not a frog - duh! Well, they are both green anyway! Yes, that's what I noticed about the closed eyes pictures, he's reacting to petey frog! :0) I wonder what name he would come up with for this guy?