Friday, August 20, 2010

Loud and proud

We stopped at Wal-Mart yesterday on the way home from the park just to pick up a few things.  The checkout lady took a liking to Madelyn and Madelyn played shy with her.  The lady standing behind me got in on the action trying to get Madelyn's attention
"Hi sweet girl."  
Madelyn responds with a shy, giggly "hi".  
"Oh what a delicate little voice she has"
It is at this moment that I practically give myself whiplash turning quickly to see if she is, in fact, talking about
OUR Madelyn...

Need I remind you of our Target  experiences?

Girlfriend is a lot of things, 
but quiet is NOT one of them.
Generally if Madelyn is quiet (and awake) she is probably into naughty business.  
As we strolled away I giggled while listening to the two ladies chat a bit more about our Mads...
"Oh she just had the tiniest little voice EVER, so delicate"

And if you know Madelyn you are now giggling too...
Sweet Madelyn I pray that your voice never grows quiet 
and that you are always "loud" about that which you love.
You bring such life to our family and fill our days with laughter.  
We just love your exuberant, friendly personality.  
We pray you will always be loud for Jesus!  
We love your sweet soul... 
every loud bit of it!  :)


  1. SO cute!
    Yep, they can be loud sometimes :)

  2. oh my gosh in my head i was like "quiet, really?" so cute!


  3. She is so full of life, love that about her!