Sunday, August 29, 2010

My greatest pleasure

For as long as I have been a mom I have said
"My greatest pleasure is being a mommy"
What joy my children bring to my life.  
How I love to care for them.
Simply put, I just adore them.

Sometimes, if I really let myself think about how quickly time is passing, I get sad.  The thought of my kids growing up and stepping out into this big world can bring me to tears.
It seems like yesterday that they were just like this...

But as a mommy it's my job
 to get my sweet babies ready to step out into this big world.
To introduce them to our God...
to help prepare them for all that He has planned for their lives.
To overflow their love cups.
To give them confidence in themselves.
To teach them to respect.
To show them how to love.
Life comes full circle you know... 

Yesterday mom took me "school shopping".  Yes I am 31 and am now the one who sits at the big desk and teaches all the little people, but mom still takes me school shopping...
Even at 31, my mom is still taking care of me!
 We had so much fun together.  Just leisurely shopping and trying on clothes for each other.  Ohhing and ahhing over all the cute shoes, just talking like girlfriends do.
Look at these cuties, Mom bought us both a pair!
 I love my mom, I mean really love her.
 I just love that we were able to hang together yesterday, just the two of us...
And wouldn't you just love for someone to offer to take you shopping for a new outfit and new pair of shoes?  I know, thank you very much!
But ya know, all that aside...
Mom taught me a lesson yesterday...
No matter how old my kids are  3, 13, 31, 60...
My greatest pleasure doesn't haven't to change...
My greatest pleasure will always be taking care of my children!
XO love you mom!


  1. now THAT is sweet!!!! I'm so glad you had a great day with your Mom!

  2. You got me this time Meg ;) you are so right, your greatest pleasure will never change, only grow, just like mine has. XO u 2

  3. My mom takes me shopping sometimes still too. Those shoes are really cute! I just realized that I had not visited the blogs above and below me at the trendy treehouse hop so I am stopping by to say hello. Cute blog!

    Amy @ Missional Mama

  4. Perfectly said !! Such a great reminder of how time does fly by, just cherish the moments !!