Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ripped off

We are STILL working on getting over the sickness in our house that started last Monday.  BOO!  Madelyn ended up with an ear infection and Collin still has some yuckiness too.
I was in an especially long line at CVS yesterday waiting for Madelyn's prescription and I spotted these babies...
Rainbow Potato Chips?!
How fun, right?!
I mean I am standing there thinking about how Collin will love eating all of the colors of the rainbow!  I totally knew the boy would be delighted with my find.
What color will he pull out first?
 Um, brown?
 Try another one...
They are all brown?
 Wait, what?!  Yes imagine my dismay when I realize that I have not purchased a bag of "rainbow chips", um no, I have purchased a bag of "dark chips" aka all the BURNT chips!  
WHAT?!  Yes you know the burnt chips, the ones we all pass over in order to get to the golden crispers.  Who in the world decided to sell an entire bag of BURNT chips?  Well someone thought of it, decided most people would NEVER buy an ENTIRE bag of burnt chips so they had the genius idea to add the word "Rainbow" onto the bag so that all the dumb  unsuspecting blondes would buy them gleefully as if they had just found gold in the form of a potato chip.
Yes I know very sad.
Hmm, maybe I should be embarrassed at this 
complete blonde moment...
This is my story, and I'm stickin' to it! 


  1. I'm with ya...seriously, why put RAINBOW on a bag of gross chips? I'd have fallen for their ploy too!! Hope you guys are feeling better soon!

  2. Girlfriend, I'd email that company from their website and tell 'em just what you think!! And I bet you they will refund your money!

  3. that is so freaking funny! i am having a bit of dejavu... did that happen to me? whats the deal with that rainbow? false advertising!!!!! that is crazy! i miss you girl! we have to have a sewing night!!!! did you see who the new batchelor is!?!