Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A shout out to daddy!

My kids have the BEST daddy EVER!
I mean really, Ryan is a wonderful daddy.
He loves spending time with our babes...
And they love spending time with their daddy!
Daddy is always up for fun...

I am VERY blessed to be able to work part time.  Daddy works an afternoon shift so that he can be home with the kids while I am at work.  I love that the 3 of them can share that special time together.  Ryan has always been a very hands on daddy.
Our kids think he hung the moon...

After a fun summer, I started back to work this week and have worked a few full days while trying to get back into the swing of things.  Daddy has had the days off and has stayed with the kids.  What a huge help he has been.  Cleaning the house, making dinner... and I'm not talking mac and cheese...
we're talking steak people!  
Oh yes he did!

I am blessed to be parenting with him.  
Daddy doesn't do hair bows.
He may not always choose matching outfits...
heck, they may still be in their pajamas when I get home!
But truth be told,
The only concern that I have when I leave my kids home with their daddy...
Is that they won't care a thing about me when I get back!  ;)


  1. What a great blog...enjoyed stopping by

    Had a few minutes to blog hop...Hope you will stop by my holiday blog...there is a great Ornament Giveaway this week.

  2. What a blessing isnt it?! I feel the exact same way!

  3. All you have to do is spend a few minutes with him to witness what a wonderful daddy he is :)

  4. how freaking sweet! STEAK! super jealous! i love those action shots of him dragging the kids in that raft! adorable!


  5. Awesome post, Meg! Love it!