Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Traditions

This year we started what we hope to be a new family tradition...
we hosted a family Halloween party at our house!!
Costumes were required and we had SO! much! FUN!
I will let the pictures speak for themselves 
and I will let you imagine all of the laughter that was ringing throughout my house.  
Nothing better than laughter and family!

Without further ado...
Halloween 2010

My cute clown

One of my faves of the night...

My sweet butterfly

I was a clown too!

Grammy a pumpkin and GG a nice witch :)

Papa as a uhauler (inside family joke)

Nana as a pirate
Uncle dude as a hillbilly and Aunt Andi as a hippie
awesome, don't ya think?
And look at the Anderson/McPhail clan
as the Wizard of Oz

Kara as Dorothy...can you hear her laughing?
Kelly as the Tin Man
Gabby as the Scarecrow
Gordy as the lion
Uncle Dick as the Wizard
There was soo much of this...
that I will be posting Halloween pix for days!
More to come tomorrow because for now,
Mommy is tired!

P.S. special thanks to awesome friend Selina who came over and made Collin's clown pants last night after I ran out of time and to our Nana who helped me with the trick or treating/passing out candy since daddy had to work!  You both are life savers, couldn't have done it without you!!


  1. awe! everyone looked so cute!!! those lashes really looked good! anytime you need help i'm your girl! luv you!


  2. Megan,

    Madelyn and Collins Halloween costumes are amazing!!! Madelyn looks so cute and collin makes a great clown!!! Looks like you guys had a great halloween.... Everyones costume turned out great that is really cool everyone dressed up and made it a halloween party :) Our neighbors probably think were grinches cause we didn't decorate but we were out of town for my birthday :( Once I have kiddies ill be having all that good decor happening :)