Monday, October 18, 2010


2 years ago...

1 year ago...

This year...
My sweet Collin bug
as you grow bigger, 
so does my love for you!

Collin and I have taken a candid photo in front of the Apple Charlie's truck at the apple orchard every single year.  Our trip this year was impromptu and I was dead set on not being caught in a single photograph due to the fact that I looked like a rag doll.  
Ryan wouldn't allow it, after all, it's a tradition.  
He was right, and I was glad we got it.
Memories are about the people who are in them,
who cares if you are having a bad hair day!


  1. I love these at Apple Charlie's. He is growing up so fast... So cute!!!

  2. oh goodness! he has grown up!!! see, the trick is to hide the camera on bad hair days.. thats what i do... honestly though, your hair looks pretty awesome!