Friday, November 19, 2010

Physical Therapy

So my Collin bug is a toe walker and has been for as long as I can remember.  He walks flat foot in shoes but when he is barefoot he spends a lot of time on his toes.  His ped kept telling us to wait, he would grow out of it...never happened!  Finally, at 3 1/2 I decided we were done waiting and my pediatrician finally referred us to a physical therapist with a diagnosis of  "tight heel cords".
Yesterday was Collin's first "physical fairapy exercise class" as he calls it.  His teacher is Ms. Sandy.  Collin had a great time!  Sandy agreed that, yes, Collin's heel cords are tight.  She thinks that physical therapy and stretching exercises along with possible shoe inserts should fix the problem and stretch the cords. Collin loved his new "school".  We will go every Thursday for 45 minutes with Sandy and she promised that at Collin's next "exercise class" they would play soccer and kick ball!  She quickly won his heart!

Speaking of school...
Remember when I posted this picture of how Collin could write/trace his name?

Look at how he writes it now, just a few short weeks later, all by himself!
I am so proud of our little guy!!
On our way to "physical fairapy" (seriously don't you love that?) Collin was asking how old everyone is..
how old is daddy, mommy, grammy, papa etc.
He then started talking about how when he grows up, he will be a daddy.  I asked him how many kids he will have.  He said are some of their names...Aaron, Daron, Jaden, Adam, Andrew, Grammy and Papa.  I hope his wife wants lots of kids too, and lots of boys for that matter...and I certainly hope she likes the names Grammy and Papa for her children because he has his heart set on those names!
Sweet Collin bug, oh how we love you!
So after we talked about his future children I asked him if he was the daddy who would the mommy be?
"Who will you marry when you grow up?"  I asked.
"I will marry YOU mommy!"
I absolutely LOVE that out of all the girls in his life he would think to choose me first.
I explained that I am already married to daddy so he will have to choose someone else.
"Ok, then I will marry Grammy"
Well, Grammy is married to Papa.
"Oh, well then I will marry Aunt Andi"
Aunt Andi is married to Uncle Michael.
"Well I guess I will marry Papa"
Papa is married to Grammy!  Who will be the mommy?  Think of someone who isn't already married.
"Oh alright mommy, then I will marry Eva.  I will marry Eva AND Cora!"
I totally love that child!


  1. Eva and Cora!!!! i LOVE it... its a hard choice there Collin bug... blonde or brunette?


  2. As you know, this one made me laugh out loud, several times. Please make sure he does not name his child Grammy OR Bev.. Haha