Friday, November 5, 2010

Sweet surprises...

This was a L~O~N~G week!  I had parent teacher conferences on Wednesday and Thursday, and being that my partner is on maternity leave I filled in full time which meant two 12 hour days!  YUCK!  I didn't even see the kids for a minute yesterday...I left and they were sleeping, I came home and they were already in sad!
Today at lunch one of the aides walked by the lunchroom and said, "you need to go back to your classroom".  Oh perfect, I thought!  She quickly added, "there is a nice surprise waiting for you there".  I literally squealed when I realized that Ryan had brought the kids to see me and they brought me lunch!  SOOO sweet of him, it just made my day!

I love surprises!  :)


  1. Adorable pictures ! What a wonderful surprise !!!

  2. Love looking at their sweet faces! I can only imagine how excited you must have been to see them :)