Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm cleaning out my closet

Today while Madelyn napped Collin and I ventured up into my bedroom.  He rested on the bed and watched "The Letter Factory" while I decided to clean out my closet (well one of them anyway).  I sat on the floor surrounded by piles of keep or not to keep... I mean I haven't worn this or that in years but I might someday right?
Eventually Collin came over and asked 
"do you need any help Mommy?"
"Oh I am just trying to figure out what clothes to get rid of...."
"hmmm well why don't you just get rid of daddy's clothes?"

Can I get an AMEN sistas?
I love this boy!
P.S. We love you daddy, and so we won't be getting rid of any of your clothes!


  1. Too cute :) Whenever my husband hears that I'm cleaning our closet he begs me not to get rid of any of his stuff ! Honestly he has things from back in college :( No joke ! He hates departing with anything. Me on the other hand known to get rid of than ask WHY or WHERE did it go when I'm wanting it to wear.

  2. Out with the old, in with the new :)