Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Preschool, what?!

Yesterday we went to preschool open house/registration for the fall.  Seriously how can that be?
But yes it is true, we registered this guy for preschool and last night we met his teacher, Ms. Pam.
Do you think he will give her a run for her money???
This momma's heart just can't believe that my first born is soon off to school.  Makes me feel sad.  Well sad for me, but I am very excited for Collin!  He was thrilled last night!  I am excited for him to meet new friends and make fun little projects, learn new songs and have holiday parties.  He will enjoy himself I am sure and I am pretty sure I will cry!  It's one of many more firsts right?

Dude would not take a serious picture...
 Look at these little stinkers...
 And just because this is funny...


  1. ooohh...i don't know about preschool, i am sure he will be fine girlie! and your HAIR is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ohhh he's to cute ! I love all the silly faces !It's tough when our first born go to school, I cried !

  3. Ha ha I purposely included all of them figuring you would get a laugh. Family pix, serious work-out! Glad to see even Mads is now on board!

  4. i love the silly family shots the best! check out this free tutorial for this freaking adorable dress that you just have to made for Madsy


    i love it... i might even try it myself even though its not the right size for my munchkins...