Saturday, January 29, 2011

You make me laugh

Collin ran around in his underwear for a good portion the afternoon.  I mean seriously it is dead of winter and stinkin cold and I can't keep clothes on this child.  Anywho, I sent him to his room for the 10th time to "put pants on" and he finally gave in...or so I thought.  After several moments of quiet (always a clue that there is some stinker business going on) I called to him "Collin what are you doing?".
Que the four year old "wait til you see this" giggle...
And out walks this...
 Collin with a "few" extra pair of undies...

 And by a few I mean 15...
 15 pair of underwear people, we both giggled the entire time I peeled them off, layer by layer, all 15 of them!


  1. hahahahahahah! 15!!! thats insane! what a silly boy!


  2. Where on earth does he come ip with these ideas, what a silly guy, LOL