Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cause that's how we roll...

Yesterday Collin insisted he wear this spongebob costume and Madelyn wanted in on the fun so she decided on her pink cowgirl hat which matched her red outfit in such a lovely fashion.  Next they wanted with mommy in them.  Mommy was still in her jammies, had not yet applied a stitch of make-up and completed her look with untouched bed head...sweet.  
  Why would I post such pictures of crazy bed head mommy adorned with polka dot jammies?  Because let's just be honest, that's how we roll around here!

And please do notice the progression of Mads and her hat...



  1. Awww, great pictures of you all :)
    I love your new blog look !!!

  2. um honey? you hair looks GREAT to be "bed head". I LOVE IT! Mine doesn't look like that even after I fix it!