Sunday, April 3, 2011

oh the things you say

The other night Ryan and I were just hangin with the kids when Collin found a box of candy conversation hearts and decided he had to open them.  We all joined in on the fun and Collin wanted everyone to read the message that was on their heart.  It was his turn and he looked at his piece of sugary goodness for a quick moment and exclaimed...

"Oh I know what mine says...

Lol, yes we are still working on the toe walking!  We got a good chuckle out of that!!

That same evening I took Madelyn out to look at some paint samples.  She was tearing through the samples and I couldn't clean them up fast enough.  The mountain of samples in the stroller was quickly growing and it had to be stopped so I gave her a very important job.  

"Here Madelyn mommy will hand you a sample and you put it in the stroller."

I gave her the first one and said "here ya go put it in the stroller".

She quickly responded with a sweet "Gracious"

I giggled and said "your welcome".

Here response... 
"De nada"

Ah yes, thank you Dora for making us a bit bilingual.  :)

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