Monday, June 20, 2011

Greenfield "Billage"

One of our favorite summer hang outs is Greenfield Village
aka Greenfield "Billage" according to Madelyn.  :)

Today was our first trip to the billage since school let out.  
We rode all the rides.  Collin's favorite was "all of them" and Madelyn's favorite was by far the "caroself"  (carousel).  We rode several times.  


 I often feel like I end up with more pictures of Madelyn than of Collin, but this is what I get when put the camera in his face...

and every once in awhile he will flash me a smile...

 a little lunch and home for naps!!


  1. Love It....Collin is just like his daddy...all boy....

  2. Love all the cute pictures :) What a fun day you all must have had !!