Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Birthday GG!

Today is my grandma's 81st birthday!!
My kids lovingly call her GG (great grandma).
She adores them and the feeling is mutual.
Last night the kids and I took a mini bday cake over to her house to celebrate early.  Both kids were excited but Madelyn was BURSTING.  She insisted on carry the cake and was shouting "PRIZE" aka "surprise" before GG was even close to opening the front door.  
They couldn't wait to eat cake...
And let it be noted that we relit candles and sang Happy Birthday no less than three times maybe even four!

 Madelyn quickly blew out the candles before anyone had time to help.  Clearly Collin did not appreciate this, and grandma's reaction is priceless!  :)

If we were all a little more like GG the world would be a better place.  She loves hard and keeps no record of wrong.   She is happiest being wherever her family is.  She is our biggest cheerleader.  Grandma has 11 grandkids and yet whenever I call her she always knows it's me.  I am always impressed by that!!  I simply say "Hi grandma" and she says "oh hi dear" and immediately follows it up with some sort of something that let's me know she knows she's talking to Meg!  :)  Love that!!

Her heart is the size of Texas, she would do anything for anyone.  She is tender and yet, at the same time, she is one of the strongest people I know.  To know her is to love her, that is for sure!
She is such a gentle soul, one that we all love so dearly.  

So here's to you GG!
May your year be full of beautiful blessings.
Love and laughter are sure to follow you wherever you go!!

Much love and the happiest of birthdays to one of our all time faves!!

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  1. A nice tribute and so true! I am always surprised she never confuses me and Barb on the phone and love hearing, "oh hi dear" too! So glad she has you three buddies :)