Friday, June 24, 2011

Mr. Golden Sun

This morning started with a trip to the Henry Ford Museum with Grammy and Papa.  Home for lunch and then neither of my beauties took a nap.  Madelyn laid in her crib and loudly played her kazoo while Collin made a mess of his bedroom.  Lovely, on more than one level, wouldn't ya say?!  :)

After  naps our attempt at naps, we decided we needed a little sunshine so we made some handprint suns.

Trace a circle, cut it out...
 don't forget to stick out your tongue :)
 color a bit of grass...

 trace some handprints to use for the "rays"
 attempt to cut them out :)
although I must say he is excellent at cutting for his age!  He usually stays right on the line, handprints are hard for even my first graders!!
 Glue together
 finish with some paint
 again, don't forget to stick out your tongue

and wallah...

Read a few books while mommy cleans up...

 And throw in a book on tape for good measure...

We also sang Mr. Golden Sun more times than I would like to count.  :)  Let's hope he heard us, and that he plans on making some sort of appearance tomorrow so that we can get outside!!

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  1. He is going to be so ready for school! Cute idea for a dreary afternoon.