Friday, July 29, 2011

A Cape Cod Wedding

One week ago today I was in Cape Cod celebrating with family at the wedding of Bryan and Cara.  It was a blazing hot day but that didn't keep us from having a great time!!  The bride was simply gorgeous in every way possible...
 and the groom's best accessory was the enormous grin that he sported
all! day! long!!  

We couldn't be happier to have welcomed Cara into our family.  She is the sweetest.  She mentioned more than once how happy she was to have us all there... let me assure you it was our pleasure!
Our cousins Bryan and Sara have always lived miles away from us. We don't get to see each other at every holiday or celebrate every birthday together but we love them every bit as much as if they lived just down the street.  When we do get together it is as if time hasn't passed and we all pick up right where we left off.  
Have I mentioned our family rocks?
Speaking of family...

Father and mother of the groom.
Aunt Jan does not miss a holiday or birthday, she is seriously as amazing as they come, totally lurve her!!

Sister of the groom, Sara and her friend

My bro and fave sister in love...

The lovely David and Holly

 Look at these crazy cats, they speak for themselves don't cha think?  :)

And for all of those not pictured it is certainly not because you are not loved to pieces, but it may have been because you were too sweaty for a photo op?  Seriously when I said blazing I meant blazing!!  We are pretty sure it is because Cara and Bryan are such a HOT couple, agreed?!

Cara and Bryan,
I speak for our whole family when I say we couldn't be happier for you.  We wish you nothing but happiness as you begin your forever together.  We pray that the love you feel today will only grow stronger as each year passes.  Love hard, forgive easily, remember that the little things do matter and take the time to enjoy them together!!  Be blessed lovelies!!

PS we are all a little bummed that you decided not to honeymoon in Michigan with your rockin family but have decided to overlook it if you promise to come and visit soon, just sayin...

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  1. GREAT recap of a great wedding, great couple, great time!