Monday, August 15, 2011

Marry Me...

The other night Collin and I were laying on my bed just chatting after bath time.  He was all clean and snuggly in his pajammers and we just chatted about this and that.  All of a sudden he pulled out this batman ring and said,

"here mommy wear this on your finger when you get married".  

My response 
"thanks buddy but I am already married to daddy, remember?!"  

"Well you can keep it for when you get married again."  

We talked about how I am only getting married one time and then we decided that he will keep the ring for the girl of his dreams.  He'll pop the question, she'll take one look at this killer ring and will surely say YES.  She will be flashing this dazzler to all her friends, no doubt...

We love you Collin bug!  You will always make your momma's heart sing and soar!!


  1. I love it! What a sweet little man you have! Thanks for sharing Meg!

  2. What a sweet little man! This made me smile. There is just something about little boys. The crazy things and the sweet things that come out of their little mouths is just priceless! xoxox

  3. I am surprised that he did not ask you to marry him. Keely asks me to marry her all the time.