Saturday, August 27, 2011

An unexpected Blessing

Remember a few posts back when I told you about our trip to Sam's Club with Nana?  Well then you would remember me telling you that she surprised us with something spectacular...

 There she is...

Amazing right?!  
Believe me I know!!
Let me share the story.

First I have to give a little background.  Just days before our trip to Sam's I had been looking online at cedar play sets.  I spent some time dreaming up the perfect set.  What kid wouldn't love a playground of sorts in their own backyard?!  I found some real beauties and knew my kids would go crazy over one but also knew it wasn't something that we could invest in right now, because they are an investment, bad boys aren't cheap.  That night while in bed I simply asked God to "maybe work something out".  I was thinking maybe we could find a used one within the next year or so.

Little did I know that He would answer within days, and not with a used one but a brand spankin three story new one!!

I mentioned it to Ryan but never spoke a word of it to anyone else.  After all, it wasn't really something that we thought would happen for a while.  

A few short days pass and we go to Sam's with Nana.  We are there for a few moments before the kids set their eyes on the "park" and begin to beg to play.  We had to explain that it was just to look at but we did enjoy looking!!  :)  Not too long before Nana decides she is going to buy it for them.  I looked at her with crazy eyes and told her "no way".  This is not the type of thing you just walk into the store and purchase!  I mean we aren't talking about a $10 toy!!  She insists that she would love nothing more than to watch her grandkids enjoy themselves on it.  I just walk away and figure her and Ryan can discuss it later...

We end our shopping adventure with a few things in our cart and as she is checking out I hear the checkout lady say "ok well let me see if it's in stock".  I glance over and exclaim, "you're buying the playscape?".  

She smiles and happily says "yes".

Insert tears.

Yep, I cried.

I was completely overwhelmed and unsure of how to graciously accept such a generous gift.

She gave to my children something I knew they would enjoy but couldn't afford to invest in right now.  

I told her the story on the way home of how I had just been looking and dreaming and praying for one.  

Later that night I told her that I prayed that God would somehow give her all her money back, we chuckled, but I was serious.  
God cares about each prayer.  

Oh did you think the story was over?  

Nope, not yet!!

A couple more days pass and Nana calls and says 
"guess what, I got my money!!"

What is she talking about?!

My brother in law and his wife had just sold their old gold and told her that she should get rid of hers as well.  Selling gold is all the rage right now, too bad I don't have any to sell!!  Anyway, she takes her old gold that never gets used and comes out with a purse full of cash!!  I am talking 3 times the total of the playscape!!  

Unbelievable right?
Well maybe to some.
But not to me.
I prayed about it.
God answered.

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God."
Phil 4:13

Thank you Nana for the beloved "park".  I have yet to find the right words to adequately express our gratitude.  Thank you doesn't seem like enough, but for now it's all I have, so we will say thank you and hope you truly understand all that lies within those two small words...


  1. That's a sweet story, unexpected blessings are the best!

  2. Oh my gosh ! Blessings are the BEST :) your story had me in tears too !
    Your kids are going to have a fabulous time playing ! Lots of years of fun playing.

  3. Awesome!! God is SOOO good!! Thanks for sharing...and what an awesome playscape for the kids! :)

  4. love this story, total goosebumps... God truly hears and answers prayers


  5. What a great gift. It is truly a playground. I bet they love it. Way to go Nana.