Saturday, August 6, 2011


Yesterday I posted about our ice cream truck potty celebration.  I also mentioned the four neighbor girls that were here for the fun.  What I didn't mention was that minutes before the ice cream truck jingled its way down the street there was a fifth girl here.  The kids heard the sing song melody streets away and 3 of our friends went running home for money (much to my relief might I add).  The other two stayed put on the porch with my beauties.  These two sweet girlies live one house over with five other brothers and sisters.  I imagine they never get ice cream from the jingle truck as it would cost a small fortune for seven children.  They never asked if I would buy one for them, but of course I did.  Sweet Ella looked up at me and said "sorry you have to pay so much money".  I mean come on people, does not melt your heart?  Totally worth the $2 ice cream that she chose...

So anyway, back to the fifth girl Cici.  She was one of the ones who took off down the street for money from her own momma.  Not long after Cici left, her mom came strolling down to fetch Cici's bike.  Apparently mom didn't have any change laying around for ice cream so she told Cici "not today".  Cici threw a fit (according to her mother) and was told she had to stay in for the night.  Not only did she miss ice cream but she also missed a mad game of tag afterward!!  What she didn't know is that I would have bought her an ice cream.  Her mom  didn't have the money on hand today but I did.  Had she accepted her mom's "not now" answer and come back down with the others, she would have gotten her ice cream and been able to share in the rest of the fun.   Instead she had to go in for the night sans an ice cream, while listening to the screams and giggles of all of her friends...

I sat on the porch and couldn't help but wonder how often we act just as Cici did.  We ask God for something and he doesn't answer "yes" quickly enough so we throw a little fit.  We stomp our feet, pout and cry because we want what all the others have.  All the while our "yes" had been waiting just a stones throw away had we just been willing enough to graciously accept the father's answer of "not now".  Kind of humbling don't you agree?

Pretty sure the next time I hear the jingle jangle of an ice cream truck "do I have any money" won't be the only thing I am asking myself...

Therefore the LORD waits to be gracious to you; therefore he exalts himself to show mercy to you. For the LORD is a God of justice; blessed are all those who wait for him.
Isaiah 30:18  

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