Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Half way to 3

Madelyn Kristine today you are exactly two and a half years old!!  Half way to three, hardly seems possible, and yet it is true!!  You bring so much joy to our family!  You are funny and witty and just plain full of life!!  We spend our days chasing after you, laughing with you and lovin all over your spunky little self!

You talk in full sentences now and some of the things you say just bend me over with laughter.  You are such a friendly little soul, hardly ever do you meet a stranger.  You flash your big smile to almost everyone and with it you quickly make new friends.

You adore your big "bruder" and try to do everything that he does.  We are always surprised at how well you keep up with him!!  Collin also adores you, although he likes to keep you on your toes.  He is beginning to realize that you play by your own set of rules and aren't one to be bossed around.  Your will is just as strong as his which makes for some interesting days.

And yet there are also these glorious moments of each day where you sweetly play together and it's in those moments that I know you will be best friends forever!!

It is a rare occasion that you are not wearing a big bow of some sort, but those pretty bows shouldn't fool anyone, you aren't afraid of much and will dig right in with the boys.

You spend a good part of your day playing with your "guys" which are your favorite.  You will sit in your bedroom and play so sweetly making hilarious conversation with these little handheld "guys"... Dora, Mickey, Donald, Goofy just to name a few.    If you catch us watching you, you get a little shy and with a coy smile you say "go way".  Ha!  Makes me giggle every time!!

Of all the little girls in this world God gave us the exact one we wanted.  You are every kind of beautiful.  We love you more than words can convey.  I pray that someday you will have a sweet little girl of you own.  One with big blue eyes and glorious soft curly hair.  One that is the spitting image of yourself.  It is then, my love, that will you will understand just how deep and wide our love is for you...

Happy half birthday sweet love!

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