Saturday, September 3, 2011

The perfect mom...

Tonight my kids had cereal for dinner.  I think I may have just taken myself out of the running for mom of the year.  :)  I used organic milk and also served fresh orange slices to make up for the sugar coated cereal crisps, but still, we had cereal for dinner.   

I sometimes kid that I used to be the perfect mom before I had kids.  
Now, as hard as I try, and as much as I strive to be, I am not at all the perfect mom.  But as I stood at my sink tonight prepping our dinner dishes bowls for the dishwasher I thought about something.  I may not be a perfect mom, but I am the perfect mom for my kids. I make mistakes on a daily basis, I have had to ask for my children to forgive me more times than I would like to count, I am not always the best example for them to follow after, I am NOT a perfect mom.  BUT when God created these two beautiful children, he chose me. 

 Not because I deserved to be chosen.  
Not because I would ever come close to being a perfect mom.

But He chose me none the less.
He created them with me in mind.
He chose me to mother them.
I think that makes me the perfect mom for them.
Because God chose me, and He doesn't make mistakes!

I'll go out on a limb and bet most moms are hard on themselves.  After all, the stakes are SO high.  Each of us has been given the grandest of responsibilities.  We have one shot at it, and time never seems to be on our side.  But we have all been chosen, by the most perfect heavenly father.  There is nothing in this world that keeps me on my knees more than my children do as I ask for grace and wisdom from the almighty one who created them.   No one knows them better or loves them more than He does.  I will never be able to thank Him enough for breathing life into them and then choosing me, undeserving as I am.  No, I will never live up to be all that I would like to be for them, all that I feel they deserve,  but thankfully God can, and He always will.  It keeps me running to Him, pleading for guidance as I dance to the song he has written for us.  His grace is sufficient, his mercy never ending.  I know I will never be perfect, but He is and I fervently pray that as I mother them I will shift their eyes toward Him...


  1. I think you ARE deserving of such are also a beautiful creation of God!!!! Thanks for sharing! I think all parents can relate to this and learn from it!

  2. Jayci sometimes has cereal (without milk even) 3 meals a day so dont feel bad haha :-)

    thanks for praying for and following along with Caden's story, we appreciate it! :-)

  3. LOVE this! You are a fabulous mom and such a blessing to your family! Just so you know we do cereal for dinner sometimes too! :)