Monday, October 24, 2011

A post from Grammy

My mom posted this on her blog and I had to copy and paste it here because I want the story in our blog book.  Love this boy...

I had the pleasure of spending my Saturday with Collin. We kept busy all day. He baked some pumpkin cookies and managed to eat quite a few. He helped me with housework, he helped papa with yardwork, we played Candyland, put puzzles together, watched a movie or two, took a couple walks, played hide-and-go-seek and scared each other at the same time pretty good! Our afternoon outing was to Meijer to take three garbage bags of cans back for refund. I told him he could keep the money for all the cans he put in the bin. He put in 106 cans and got $10.60! He wanted to buy some gum, he picked Juicy Fruit and shared it with me all afternoon. I bought candy pumpkins for baby sis treat after she goes on the potty :) and some bananas. We each paid with our money from the cans and he walked away with a good amount of change for his piggy bank. As we were walking out of the store, he asked about all the photos on the wall, pictures of the fine men and women who serve our country in the military. I told him that those are our real heroes, they fight for our country so we can be safe and free... no response, silence for processing. Less than 30 seconds go by and he replies - "we're not free, we just had to pay!" Yes, you're right buddy and the price of fun just keeps going up, up, up!!! I started to describe the difference between free and freedom but that's another conversation for when he's a little older. I love how inquisitive he is and how he wants to understand and make sense of everything. I hope he is always that way and will be sure to measure what he's told based on truth. God Bless you, Collin, and God Bless America and the fine men and women who serve in the military to protect our freedom and keep us safe :)

Love this story!
Thanks for sharing mom~

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