Friday, November 25, 2011

Giving thanks...

Yesterday was a fantastic day spent with some of our very favorite people!!  We missed all of our out of towners but felt you there in spirit!  ;)

We had a packed house at mom's and I didn't take many pictures at all.  I was too busy chatting and eating and working my way through the crowd of love.

I made matching outfits for baby Mak and Mads, Collin wore a coordinating shirt.  You can hardly tell in this picture but they were every kind of cute!  Mads just couldn't get enough of sweet lil Mak attack.  She is adorbs, we love her to pieces, can't wait until she is up and runnin!!  If she is anything like her mother she will be hil~arious!

Madelyn got to help feed the babe and she was Thrilled, yes Thrilled with a capital T.

 We attempted a kids group shot but could not get all three to look and smile.  Poor Collin had something in his eye and the flash was just about blinding him.  The boy is a trooper though and kept on tryin flash his best smile...

A short, and I mean short, rest.

Madsy got a  big kick out Trevor, Nick and Joe.
That is until Joe told her not to touch the TV and then she decided
"I not your fren".
Easy come, easy go, that's how friendship works in her world!

I have so very much to be grateful for.  
I am humbled by God's favor.
I am completely undeserving and yet he continues to bless me.
I am certainly blessed beyond measure.
Thankful beyond what I can explain.
My heart if full, overflowing really.
Thank God, from whom all blessings flow~

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  1. Love that this family is growing! Thankful for baby Mak and more on the way...