Friday, November 4, 2011

Proud momma

Preschool has been working out gloriously.  Collin is truly enjoying it, making (and talking about) lots of new friends and by golly, praise you Jesus, the boy is on his best dazzling behavior!

We got a memo last week that during the month of November we would get written progress reports regarding his skills.  Today was the first...

The boy can cut!  :)
Ryan wondered "does anyone fail that test?"  
I imagine most pass, but hey it's his first "test" and is cause for celebration in my book!!  I'm proud of my boy!  ;)

We also got his school picture proof back.  
I giggled a bit but it's such a Collin smile, the kind he flashes every time he's totally faking it...

Excuse me is this child 4 or 14?
How does he look so grown up already?

Love this boy with my whole entire heart.

I noticed a "thankful turkey" outside Collin's classroom.  Each child had his own feather and was obviously asked to tell what he was thankful for.  I couldn't wait to find Collin's!!  It read...

"I am thankful for all of my friends at school.  And my mommy and my my sister and Ms. Pam (his teacher)."  

Bless his heart.

We talked about it later.  I said "you forgot daddy".  He quickly replied, "no I didn't, but all my space was gone".  He went on to say "I would have said I'm thankful for daddy, and papa Don, and Nana and John and Grammy and Papa too, but I ran out of space."  

Sweet sugar may your heart always overflow with thanksgiving~
I know how it feels to "run out of space", it happens each time I try to put into words how much I love both you and your sister.  I could write forever and there still just wouldn't be enough space.

You make me proud Collin, so very proud!


  1. Sweet post, never enough space... His pix cracks me up, they said smile, he smiled :) he does look so grown up!

  2. Yay! I am so happy to hear that school is going SO well for Mr. Colin! Love that sweet story...what a story for him to hear one day when he is older...too cute! He has such a pure and sweet heart.