Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus!!

Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday sweet Jesus.
Happy birthday to YOU!

Sweet little morning face.

A bit of the aftermath.
And yes what's Christmas day without watching a little Ralphie (see TV in background).  "You'll shoot your eye out kid"~

Off to Grammy's for Christmas dinner~
which was divine I might add!  :)

Grammy had these two sweet gifts waiting under the tree for after dinner.  Our Jannie, she is just simply the best!

 Both kids asked immediately "can I play with now"
you know it's a winner when it's promptly busted into.

Thank you Jannie and Uncle Dave.
We are always so touched by your kindness and thoughtfulness.
We sure do miss you!  ;)

What a blessed Christmas we all had!
Happy birthday Jesus~
It's all about you.

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