Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Today we went to visit little Claire.  
Sweet dolly was up and wide awake when we got there.
Madelyn is in LOVE with her, and is always asking to hold her.

 Isn't this the sweetest?

Collin never wants to hold her but he loves to look at her and talk to her and today he gently bounced her in her bouncy seat.  
Cousin love~

Auntie Meg always wants to hold her and today I did lots of it!!

On our way to Huntington Woods I just happened to glance back and catch my sweeties holding hands~
Be still my momma heart~


  1. Aw, would love to know what they were saying. So so sweet, all three!

  2. Those are great pics! Mads and Claire will be partners in crime in no time!