Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy BIRTHday

That's right!
Our family welcomed the sweetest little girl into the world last night.

Claire Dawn.

She is 7lbs 11oz of pure beauty!

Absolutely presh and already adored by us all.

Sadly I don't have any pictures yet :(  See below~
 Little Claire was taken to the NICU for a bit after having the cord around her neck.  She is totally fine but they just wanted to monitor her for a bit.  She was moved to the regular care nursery before we left and then was able to spend the night in the room with her mommy and daddy!!

Speaking of mommy~  she was a CHAMPION!  
I mean seriously people, the woman rocked it out.
When I arrived she was dilated to a 7 and her epi was not working.  It was obvious she was in pain and her contractions were off the charts, and yet Andi was in total control the entire time.  She breathed through each contraction (which seemed to coming back to back) and then would open her eyes and say things like "I'm so glad you're here" and "I love your boots"...all with a smile!! 
 I told you people, CHAMPION!
The girl is pure beauty from the inside out.  

And daddy~ total rock star!!
I was SO proud of Michael.  He seemed so calm and was very helpful and sweet with Andi.  They were so sweet to allow us to be in the room with them for parts of the labor.  We respected their family privacy for the delivery but it was wonderful to be allowed in the room with the laboring mother.  

The wait was torture!!  Jan (Andi's mom) and I finally decided to go to the delivery room door and just "listen" for a second.  :)  I swear we heard the first cry!  It was so tiny and precious!!  Our mouths dropped open and then we did what anyone would do...
we ran!!      

Oh yes we did, we ran down the halls of the maternity ward!  
Makes for a great memory Jan!!

After what seemed like an eternity, Michael came around the corner and proudly announced 

"It's a GIRL, Claire Dawn"

An eruption of excitement burst forth!!
Minutes later sweet Claire was wheeled around the corner on her way to the NICU for observation.  We snuck a quick peek and just ooohed and ahhhed over her.  

Instant love.

And then there were three...

More to come soon~

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  1. You captured it perfectly... with the exception of the fact that you and Jan ran down the hospital halls AFTER the announcement on the PA that it was quiet time from 9:00 p.m. - 6:00 a.m. - ha ha! Glad you were both there to hear the first cry. I plan to be there for many more and many giggles too. Love our lil Claire :)