Saturday, May 19, 2012

Preschool Graduation

We have a preschool graduate!!!
And a handsome one at that...

Yesterday our handsome treasure graduated from preschool.
Hard to believe he is old enough to wear any sort of graduation cap and yet there he stands, handsome as can be...

As we waited for the graduates to arrive in the chapel I glanced down at the program in my hand.
My eyes landed on the words "pomp and circumstance" and immediately filled with tears.
There's something about the pomp and circumstance don't you agree?

And imagine how I felt when the music began to play and my boy lead the line down the aisle.  His eyes met mine, he waved the sweetest wave and said "hi mom".  I cry even now at the memory of that moment...

 The stage was set, full of mini grads...
 One by one names were called...

 And they saved the very BEST for last...
 As Ms. Pam called each child to the podium she said a few words about each individually.  
 Collin's favorite book is "Cliffords First Valentine"
His favorite thing to play with at preschool is "the school bus"
And she finished with this question...
Collin, what do you want to be when you grow up?
His answer...
"A dad, like my dad"
Be still my heart.  
I cried the ugly cry.
Most other children chose the typical like baseball player, hockey player, doctor, vet, yada, yada.

But of all there is to chose to be in this world, Collin chooses to be a dad, just like his own.
What a testament to the love he holds in his heart for his daddy.
What a gift he gave to Ryan yesterday.
Our precious boy, how we love you...

 We are all so very proud...

Collin with two of his besties Luke and Tommy

Yesterday it was preschool graduation and if we blink too fast tomorrow it will be high school.  But until then we are going to soak up this little boy who we love so much.  We are going to memorize all of who he is and we will love him with all of who we are!!!


  1. Our doll, whew those 5 years flew by fast!!!

  2. He is toooo cute !!! Congrats on the BIG day !!!!

  3. That's special! Next stop, Kindergarten...

  4. WoW...what a wonderful tribute to his dad...I am so proud of this little man and can't believe how grown up he is..bittersweet..would love to stop time so we could keep him little for just a while longer , but we all know it doesn't work that way.!! He has become the little person he is because of all the wonderful people in his life who love him so very much..Sweet Collin I love you more than you could ever know, and I am so blessed that God gave me you as my Grandson !! xo